Bed, be of use.

If you don’t have anything at the foot of your bed, you’re missing out on a key spot of your room’s decor. But what to put there? The foot of the bed can be an essential place for storage, working, relaxing, or just getting ready for the day. Here are some ideas to inspire you to kick start the foot of your bed!

Use a trunk

Many people place a nice, big trunk at the foot of their beards. It can be used as an extra surface and–of course–a place to stow things away, adding utility to style. If you feel so inclined, you can put a blanket or pashmina over it to add a little more flair.

Go for an ottoman–or two!

A long ottoman–like a tufted bench or half-moon–is another popular piece of decor for the foot of the bed. But we recommend two small ottomans side-by-side, each of a different color, to fill out a palette.

Transform it to a workstation

If your bed has a footboard, consider placing a small desk at the foot of the bed. You can use the desk as a work station–so don’t forget a stool or small chair–or as a place to put tschotskes and trinkets to decorate even more.

Put in a dresser

The foot of the bed can be a great place to put a dresser, especially for high beds that will match its height. As with a trunk, you can cover it with a cloth to add a little extra pizzazz. We love the form-meets-function idea of using the foot of the bed for storage, which makes this idea a great one!

Give the dog a place to rest

Put your dog’s bed at the foot of your bed. This lets him or her stay close–without taking up space on your bed as you sleep. Choosing a dog bed that matches the look and feel of your room’s decor brings it all together.

Baskets, baskets, baskets!

A collection of woven baskets at the foot of the bed adds some healthy texture to the area. Baskets also make for a great place to keep extra blankets or linens–which can bring even more texture to the look.

Make a place to sit

Perfect for large bedrooms or studio apartments, let the foot of the bed be your place to entertain. One idea is to put a loveseat there with a coffee table, and some extra seating directly across. You can also place a small table at the center of the space at the foot of the bed, with one seat at each side.