A refrigerator that makes your Keurig cup of coffee, a handle free oven and dishwasher, hands free faucets and an oven that opens like a cabinet. Some of the big trends Cindy found at KBIS/IBS the biggest Kitchen,Bath and Builders Show in Las Vegas. Here she spoke with some of the big brands to see and hear more about what you will want for your Kitchen.



Since we are all used to our smart phones, using our finger to swipe across the screen for new information, it is a feature in our kitchen too! Here is GE “s new innovation in the cooktop – with the ability to control the heat and burners on the stove top with the swipe of your hand!
Want to feel like a restaurant chef in your own home? GE has found a number of us do, and as a result they have incorporated this French door approach to the wall oven. Take a look at the design and how it may elevate your cooking experience!


Look Ma – No Handles! Check out this contemporary look that is new by Gaggenau – handle free ovens and dishwashers you just touch and it opens or slowly closes.
Here is an all in one oven by Gaggenau – that includes a microwave and convection wall oven.


Bosch is out with some new innovations for their ovens. Take a look at the single and double door openings that feel like you are opening up a closet!
No more touching chicken and then wondering how to turn on the faucet to wash your hands. Check out the latest hands free solution in the kitchen by Moen!


GE has teamed up with Keurig to deliver that perfect cup of coffee, right out of your refrigerator door! What began as their innovation to offer hot water, for tea, soups and the like out of the GE Café’ refrigerator – now they’ve kicked it up a notch – with that a jolt of caffeine with style! Watch how it works, and meet the guy who designed this innovation!