Safely decorate the bride and groom’s get away car that will be used after the wedding.

Decorating the get away car is traditionally done by the groomsmen, but today it is customary for the family or a bunch of friends to join in the fun and participate.  In the old days a sign was placed in the back window stating that the couple was just married and old shoes and cans were attached to the bumper so they made noise as the couple drove away.  Shoes were traditional because leather was thought to repel evil spirits and ensure a happy life together while the cans were used to attract attention. 

Many options are on hand to decorate a get away care safely.  There are also some options that should be avoided because they can damage the car or they are just plain distasteful.  The following will give you some good ideas of what can or shouldn’t go on a vehicle. 


Be careful what kind of tape you use to attach things to the car.  Scotch tape is the only type of tape that will not take the finish off the car.  Avoid masking tape that stays stuck on the car forever unless it is scraped off, thus taking off the paint and finish of the car.  Also avoid packing tape that mars windows and paint.  Electrical and duct tape are absolutely not suitable.  


Streamers are fun to attach to the car and they come in all kinds of colors.  Use crepe paper or metallic streamers and tie them on to the antennae, car handles and bumpers.  If crepe paper gets wet, the color will run, but it also washes off easily as long as it is done quickly.  Use silk ribbon instead if you are afraid of tinting the car.  Make bows with wire edged ribbons with long tails and attach to the antennae.  Stay away from toilet paper as it rips too easily and comes in limited colors.  If it gets wet, it becomes a hard icky mess that is hard to clean off the car or windows. 


Many people like to announce the wedding by writing “Just Married” on the car or on a sign.  Many use white shoe polish or shaving cream on the windows of the car.  Avoid this because it is hard to remove these substances from windows and it also tends to lighten paint if it touches it.  Make a sign on poster board and put it in the window.  Just make sure it does not impede the vision of the rear view mirror.  Purchase window markers, glass markers or liquid chalk.  These come off easily and will not cause damage. 


Use balloons and tie them on the antennae with string or fill the car with blown up balloons so the bride and groom have a hard time getting in and guests keep pelting them with rice or bird seed.  Make sure to pick up broken pieces of balloons so pets and wildlife do not eat them. Make small bouquets of silk flowers wound together with florist tape so sharp edges do not scratch the finish of the car.  Put them on the antennae or wire them to the windshield wipers.  Make a wedding wreath and wire it to the grill or bumper of the car.  You can find window clings that are related to weddings that stick on the inside of the windows of the car at stores that sell decorations and crafts.  


Avoid silly string because if left on paint or upholstery, the dye stains.  Avoid confetti and glitter because it is a real pain to clean up and gets all over everything.  If you are worried that cans dangling from the bumper could cause sparks or other damage, use plastic bottles.  They make a little less noise but do bring attention to the car.  Keep signs away from license plates so the bride and groom don’t get pulled over on their special day.  Keep it tasteful and stay away from any kind of crude, explicit decor.  Remember that grandma will be at the wedding and you don’t want to embarrass anyone on the day of celebrating your loved one’s union!

Decorating the get away car can be a fun experience for everyone involved.  Just be sure not to do any damage and keep it fun and sensible.