From new colors that speak to our desire to explore under the sea and space to rich luxe looking lamps that really are affordable and even the stylish feel of concrete and marble but without the challenges as well as fireplaces that are works of art with glass and light. It’s all new at this year’s biggest Kitchen and Bath show known as KBIS/IBS. Cindy gives you a sneak peak with these leading brands and their hot new offerings to bring out your inner designer:

Exploring Outer Space and Under the Sea to finding our Inner Peace and Inner Child. Which of these moods inspire you? Take a look at what Sherwin Williams predicts will drive our color choices in 2015 with their new Color Palette of 4 major themes you can now find in paint
There are a variety of apps out there to help you with paint color choices. This one by Sherwin Williams, called Color Snap, is very fun and easy. Not only does it help you pair colors in one room, but multiple rooms, and you can pull from outside inspiration to get that perfect color you want.


Outdoor Living continues to be a major trend and desire in home improvement and enjoyment. Take a look at two cool ways you can do this as a DIY project with some help from Eldorado Stone – a grill surround and a fire pit to add cozy to your space.
With so much technology in our lives, we long to feel that one on one – customization. Our friends at GE predict this will be a huge trend in home décor and design in the coming years – and it is being reflected in appliances. No more just one size fits all finish or interior of a refrigerator let’s say – but one that reflects who you are and what you need in your life. Take a look.


Concrete and Marble are still popular counter finishes – but more of us are asking ourselves if those choices work for our space – given that both while beautiful are porous and can stain. Take a look at the new styles by Caesarstone that give you the feel of both but without the challenges.

Fireplaces are more than a way to warm up your space but they are now works of art, using other materials to give your fireplace a design flare – like using glass, rock, and other textures. They really are beautiful! Take a look at how Napoleon Fireplaces make it all so magical.