Put some pizazz in your Easter basket this year and decorate Unique Easter Eggs with fun and unexpected items around the house.

Decorating Easter eggs is fun to do as a family. You can go out a purchase a commercial dye set and dye eggs different colors, but how about putting some bling and interest into the process. Instead of just plain eggs, decorate unique Easter eggs using rubber bands, crepe paper and other items.

Using Commercial Dyes

You know that wax crayon that comes in every pack of egg dye? Use it on un-dyed eggs to make spirals, initials, small pictures and names, then dye the egg. Where ever the wax crayon is on the egg, it will stay white while the rest of the egg will color. Sometimes you have to press down pretty hard with that crayon to get the results you want, and that can crack the egg. Older kids and adults can use hot glue instead. Dye in one color or make it two tone by dying in a light color first, peeling the glue off and dying in a darker color next. Another method to get a striped effect on eggs is to wrap the egg with several rubber bands and dye in a light color. Let the egg dry, remove the rubber bands and dye in a darker color.

Using Other Types of Paint

You may discover a Rembrandt in your family when you supply them with hard boiled eggs, an artist’s brush and some paint. Acrylic paint in tubes or bottles works well on eggs that are at room temperature. You can paint a background with a sponge, let it dry and paint a landscape on the egg or opt to paint Easter motifs like bunnies and chicks on them. You can do this with blown out eggs so you can keep the egg forever, just be careful how you handle the egg as it breaks very easily. Once the egg is painted, you can spray it with clear acrylic spray to make it glossy. Display your eggs in an egg holder by taking a strip of poster board and stapling or taping it into a circle that the tip of the egg fits in. You can also paint the egg with blackboard paint and use chalk to decorate it.


Glitter eggs are simply beautiful. Always uses newspaper or plastic table cloths to cover the work surface as glitter tends to get everywhere. You can apply white glue with a paint brush to the shell of the hardboiled egg and roll it in glitter. Dying the egg a darker similar color will make it look rich and expensive. You can also paint spots on a dyed egg and roll it in glitter to get a polka dot effect. Paint stripes on the egg for a striped egg. When you are ready to eat refrigerated glittery eggs, always rinse the peeled egg well so you don’t eat any glitter. It is probably better to do this with blown out eggs, but do it carefully so they don’t break.

Tissue or Crepe Paper

Tear pieces of tissue or crepe paper in small pieces. Dip a paint brush in water and brush it on the egg. Immediately apply some of the paper in a collage-like effect. Cover the entire egg smoothing out the paper as much as you can. It doesn’t have to look pretty because the paper will fall off leaving the color of the paper behind. This makes for interesting eggs that can be many different colors. It almost looks tie dyed.


Cut out small pictures from magazines and wrapping paper. You can dye and dry an egg prior to attaching these pictures to the egg. Paint on a thin layer of white glue where you want the picture to be on the egg. Apply the picture and smooth down applying another thin layer of glue over top the picture. Make sure to smooth any creases or lumps out with the brush. Let the egg dry and apply with a polyurethane spray.

Other Methods

Apply temporary tattoos to eggs instead of your skin for an interesting bunch of eggs in a basket. Draw on hard boiled eggs with permanent markers. Make pictures or geometric shapes. Glue a strip of grosgrain ribbon around the middle of a dyed egg then make a bow and attach it.

Easter Eggs don’t have to be plain anymore. Apply some of these methods to decorate unique Easter eggs for your basket, give some to neighbors and friends, and display your special works of art during the holiday.