Superheroes have been exciting role models for children since the advent of daily comics in America, and with today’s Hollywood trends we seem to be in the midst of a superhero renaissance that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. For kids–or perhaps the adult who refuses to grow up–who can’t get enough of their favorite hero, we have some ideas on how to transform a bedroom into a personal, top-secret lair.

The Work Station

Whether you’re monitoring the community for public good or hoping to carry out villainous misdeeds, a metal workstation gives a great secret-lab feel to any bedroom without much effort. To add to the look, you can outfit the room with blue LED nightlights to give off a futuristic blue glow to mission control. With just a few tricks, you’ve taken the first step at building an Iron Man-esque lair.

The Robot Assistant

Batman had Alfred, the trusty butler and assistant. Your child can have their own assistant in a voice-activated robot. While this might sound like science fiction, there are many such robot toys on the market today that are relatively cheap compared to most electronics–and aren’t lacking in the cool factor. You or your child can dole out commands to a robot assistant, making the feeling of a superheroes headquarters very real.

A Place for Planning

Of course, no superhero headquarters can be without a place to make calculations and plans of action. Chalkboard paint or dry-erase board paint are both easy and fun ways to transform a portion of the wall into a place for keeping notes and doodles. As a place to jot down quick quips, this room modification has great utility outside of the superhero theme.

The All-Star Cast

Wall decorations are a great way to add to the superhero theme. With products like Fatheads, any room can be decorated with one’s favorite life-size superheroes. Let your child build their own superhero team of justice (or team of villains!) on their walls–vinyl and residue-free, these decals are easily removable in case your child grows tired of them.

The Vault

A proper superhero or villain will surely have some gadgets and utilities that need secure protection. While a huge, walk-in safe may be difficult to get one’s hands on, it’s fairly simple to transform a closet into a walk-in safe with some metallic-covered paint and a little creativity! For a transparent look, consider a glass-front bookcase that can be used to put a collection of action figures and other superhero-themed objects on display.

To the Fort!

And of course, there’s the classic fort. Starting with a simple card table a blanket, give your child the opportunity to pull apart the cushions from the living room until they’ve build the ultimate superhero fort. This is a great family activity–fun for the adults, too–and a chance to make a space for other fun activities and make-believe.

This post is adapted from the July 13, 2013 episode of Home Wizards that was released on iTunes July 15, 2013. You can find this segment at the start of hour one of the episode.