Stream The Spookiest This Halloween Weekend 

Here is our list of the top ten scary movies, sure to make you wonder if you saw a ghost or heard a strange noise down the hall! Best part is you can stream them on Netflix and have a marathon for the whole family to enjoy! We’ve got a whole list of films – The first half should be safe for younger audiences, though it gets scarier as the list goes on! Save the later titles for adults!

1. Nosferatu
Based on the iconic novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, Nosferatu is a classic example of German silent film. It’s an incredibly old movie–from 1922–but its age adds to the creepy charm.

2. Corpse Bride
You can’t put together a list of Halloween movies without a Tim Burton movie! Corpse Bride is one of the more recent stop-motion flicks by the director, and is a wildly fun, macabre musical romp. 

3. Hocus Pocus
Another Halloween classic: Hocus Pocus! This early 90s cult classic follows the hijinx of three witchy sisters resurrected by children in Salem, Massachusetts. This is a great movie for all ages, and always makes the rounds on TV in the fall.

4. Coraline
A more recent movie on this list, Coraline is a wildly successful film based on the book by bestselling author Neil Gaiman. Directed by Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas), this stop-motion movie is just creepy enough for children without being too scary.

5. Monsters, Inc.
This one is more cute than scary, but it certainly fits the fun Halloween season! Monsters, Inc flips conventions around–instead of monsters scaring children, we find a little girl whose presence causes widespread panic in the monster world. This Pixar film is a classic for its clever premise.

6. Nightmare on Elm Street
We’re now turning attention towards scarier movies that you’ll want to save for after the kids go to bed! Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the most famous of Wes Craven movies, introducing frightened audiences to Freddie Krueger for the first time. And we see young Johnny Depp!

7. The Babadook
This is the Australian-Canadian sleeper hit of 2014. A widow and her son read a strange book that appears at their house about a monster hiding in the darkness–and soon feel its evil presence surrounding them. Does the Babadook (the creature in the book) truly haunt their day-to-day?

8. Scream
If you haven’t watched Scream, you need to! Don’t settle for just the new MTV series based on the films. A serial killer descends on a town, possibly connected to a woman’s death the year before. As victims are plucked off one by one, things turn sinister very quickly.

9. Children of the Corn
This is a fun, though rather slow, retro movie: most of the time you’ll be revelling in the sheer weirdness of a town populated only by children. But trust us: things get very strange during a deadly ritual out in the corn field.

10. The Evil Dead
One not for the faint of heart, but an iconic horror film directed by Sam Raimi. Five friends stay for a weekend in the wilderness expecting peace, quiet and fun–but instead conjure up evil, possessive entities using a book of black magic.