If you love to cook, chances are your drawers and cabinets are overflowing with herbs and kitchenware to the point where it’s difficult to find what you need, when you need it.

Unfortunately, the design of many kitchens doesn’t make it easy to have dedicated spaces that give you easy access to the tools you need to prepare a great meal for loved ones, especially around gatherings like the holidays. If you find yourself scrambling to find that bottle of oregano or a particular utensil for cooking dinner, check out these products that will make a huge difference in how you can better organize your kitchen.

Organize Spices for Easy Access

The Axis Spice Organizer gives you space to put a variety of spice bottles in place for simple storage and access. Presented at a 45-degree angle, you can get an easy look at all your spices. It can store up to 16 bottles, but with removable dividers you can find a configuration that works best for your collection of spices in bottles of any size. Whether you need more space or want to be able to see everything organized at a glance, this organizer is a simple way to keep your spices (and similarly sized bottles, jars or cans) available for easy access.

Lazy Susan spice racks are another fun and attractive way of keeping every spice handy. Check out the Olde Thompson 16 Jar Spice Rack: standing tall with spices organized into two or more tiers, you can better use the space in cabinet or on your countertop–and it’s even easier to tell when a jar’s running low.

A Place For Every Utensil in the Drawer

The Bamboo Expandable Utensil Organizer by Lipper is another great, customizable addition to your kitchen for better organization. This bamboo unit can be placed in a drawer, with dividers that allow you to easily organize cutlery and other utensils by whatever means you see fit. But the best thing about this organizer is that it expands up to 23 inches wide to fit any drawer, opening up even more space to sort out the clutter. Lipper also produces individual drawer dividers that are for sale, so you can play around with finding the perfect configuration for yourself in every drawer.

Not Enough Cabinet Space? Add Some Baskets!

Design Ideas has a line of mesh cabinet organizers that better free up space by adding tiers you can use to better organize ingredients, utensils and more. If you feel like you need more shelf space, a 2-tiered basket organizer essentially doubles surface space in your cabinet. Design Ideas’ organizer will slide out like a drawer, making it even easier to have a look at a cabinet’s contents without having to stick your head in to shuffle things around.

Also, see how you can better make the most of the interior of cabinet doors. There are many hanging baskets on the market that will hang from cabinet doors, adding a whole new dimension of space that you can use to better keep its contents organized. Larger cabinets can event fit two trays or shelves to hang in a door’s interior. Your cabinets as they stand now have the potential to hold so much more by adding a couple baskets, shelves or trays here and there.