Bring down the tree and get ready to bring down the house as you switch from Christmas decorations to decorating your house to ring in the New Year.

The Christmas holiday is over and now it’s time to celebrate a new year. It’s not so tough to “turn over” your home’s decorations and celebratory feel if you plan ahead and use some of the same set-ups, furniture and time slots. We’ve got some ideas for making your NYE bash easy to pull off and fun for you and all your guests.

Get Started Decorating

Why drag out the step stool and supplies twice? If you have to take down the garland, go ahead and hang the New Year’s banner while you’re up there. If you’re organized, you can stage the “taking down” and “putting up” decorations in separate sections for easy clean-up. It will save you time and headache–and keep you in the holiday spirit right up through party time on New Year’s Eve.

Reuse some of your Christmas decorations. For example, use the gold or silver garland to adorn your New Year’s banner, doorway, table or wrap around a column. Take a tip from Catch My Party and place gold, silver, white or blue ornaments in a hurricane vase for DIY arrangements. Put them in a crystal bowl or on a silver tray to make a dazzling centerpiece for your dinner or serving table. Add some gold and silver beads or other fun accessories. If your fresh tree is still fresh enough, cut off some small branches to use in arrangements to cut the cost of flowers in arrangements. Try adding some greenery around your serving tables. You can even use your leftover or used wrapping paper to craft DIY decor! Check out our ideas here.

Got some leftover pasta? Make your garland sparkle with cut-up pieces of bow-tie pasta spray-painted with gold or silver paint. It will look like tiny, blingy bows. The bow-ties stand out even more on gold ribbon or metallic burlap or string.

Make It a Dance Party!

If you love to dance, especially when the clock strikes midnight, make your dance experience more fun for guests. You can use doilies or stencils to add metallic paint to vintage bulbs, and then hang them like pendants around the dance floor. They’ll make fun patterns on the wall and give you some light, but not too much. Or turn a plain paper lantern into a glittery one. All it takes is some glitter glue, a sponge applicator, and plenty of glitter.

Want to make sure all your guests enjoy the music and dancing? Ask each to give you three or four of their favorite songs when they RSVP, then load all of them onto a few CD’s or playlist and shuffle away.

Keep the Kids Happy

If you want to include the kids, plan plenty of kid-friendly activities and remember kid-friendly food and beverage choices. Kids love sparkling cider or juice in plastic “champagne glasses” and finger foods are great for both kids and adults. If you want to serve a meal, let the kids build their own mini pizzas on prepared crusts or have a hot dog bar set up for even more fun. Of course, you can duplicate these for adults as well, especially sparkling cider for designated drivers.

And here’s yet another idea for your Christmas tree: Turn it into a New year’s resolution tree. Leave just the lights on the tree, and have kids and any other guests who want to participate write their resolutions on cards that they can hang or tie on the tree with party-themed ribbon.

Kids and adults also love photo booths. Have a fun photo booth complete with a DIY sequined backdrop, ribbon, garland or by simply pinning up fabric that matches your theme, such as glittery blue or black and silver. Add a few noisemakers and other props and you’re all set to ring in the new year with friends and family!

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