Miniature Landscape Gardens in a Bowl

If you are looking to bring plants inside your home and want a feeling of a landscape, you should consider creating your own Dish garden! It’s easy to make, and because it lives in it’s own eco-system it requires less maintenance and care. It starts with a shallow “dish” or container without a hole. The deal here is, instead having a hold for drainage you want to keep the moisture in the dish to build the eco-system – which thrives in a foundation of volcanic rock and then layers on top with the plant’s roots protected from sitting in constant moisture.

You can add five to six house plants, all the smallest sizes, to cluster a grouping that looks like a miniature yard or garden. And think of making your dish garden based on a theme, like a desert scene with a terra cotta dish filled with cactus, succulents, air plants and colored rocks as decorative dressing on top. Listen to more tips on how you can do this!