Succulent Terrariums are Addicting, Easy and Fun to Keep Inside!
Here’s How:
Find a clear glass vessel /jar you love – online they sell special terrarium balls you can hang, or use something from a crafts store – any vase will do – with an opening for air. It needs to be clear so the sunlight can go through.
Choose succulents that are small enough so you can pack in a few of them.
Buy cactus sand. This is what you’ll plant the succulents into. Make sure that you shake off most of the potting soil it comes in at the store.
Buy pebbles and/or charcoal as your base for drainage collection. Since the vase does not have a hole, you don’t want your succulents to sit in water. Putting pebbles inside the terrarium will help catch and hold the water you add until it evaporates, which in turn will protect the succulent roots.
Buy decorative sand, glass, or small stones as top dressing. This will give your terrarium a special kick all your own!
Now’s the fun part! Here’s how you add in the succulents to the Terrarium:

First, put in the pebbles or charcoal base.

Next, add in the cactus sand.

Snuggle in your succulents!

Now that they’re set, add that dash of flavor & put in the decorative sand, glass, or small stones to really make it shine.
Extra how-to-tip straight from Cindy: If you use a chopstick and a small paint brush, you can clean or dust off your creation in those tough to reach spots.
Listen in for More Tips on Creating your Terrarium:

And there you have it! Your beautiful new succulent terrarium is all set for its new home in your home. Make sure you send us pictures so we can all cheer on your new creation! Tweet @cindydole
or send us a link on Pinterest & we’ll add it to our Viewers Like You Board!