How To Make Your Own Stencil for Your Wall

You may be thinking about making a stencil that says “Welcome Home.” Or perhaps your plan is to mimic wallpaper with stencil. The first step is deciding exactly how you want to use your stencil.

Materials for Stencil
Selecting the materials to make your stencil depends on your budget, the design, the scope and the size of your project.
Acetate and Mylar are good options if you want a stencil you can use over and over again, for say making that wallpaper pattern.
Cardboard, foam board and even manila envelopes will work just fine for stencils you plan to use once or twice.

Pick Your Design
If you have an artistic bent, consider coming up with your own design. You can draw it freehand or use your computer to get your juices flowing.
Online is another resource for a stencil design. Search for copyright free stencil images.

Cut it Out
Use a box or rotary cutter to cut out your stencil. The lines on the paper do not have to be your only guide. Use rulers for straight lines and a French curve or compass for curves.
Make your cuts on a healing mat designed for utility knives.

Paint One On
Before you start painting, make sure the area is well-ventilated.
Keep your stencil in place with spray adhesive. Start painting with stencil brushes or sponges, your choice.