From Our Pot of Gold to Yours -Easy Ways to Celebrate

St Patty’s Day Bell Peppers and Eggs Recipe

Fry up some St. Patrick’s Day eggs that even leprechauns would love.
Here is how to do it.
1.    Cut green bell peppers horizontally into rings measuring about ¼ of an inch.
2.    Remove the seeds from the middle while maintaining the shape. Each bell pepper, depending on the size, should yield 6 to 8 slices.
3.    Parboil the sliced bell peppers.
4.    After they have cooled, place three to four bell pepper rings into an oiled skillet.
5.    Crack an egg into each ring.
6.    Cook according to taste, but even if you like a runny yolk make sure the egg reaches a temperature of 140 degrees F. That should take about five minutes.  Fry according to taste.  Keep going for up to seven minutes if you want the yolk to be hard. You can accelerate the cooking times if you cover the lid.
7.    Salt to taste. Serve immediately.

Cabbage Dip Holder
Hollow out a green cabbage. I suggest two kitchen tools for this task, namely a chef’s knife and a melon baller. Cut the bottom of the cabbage with the chef’s knife  so it will sit flat.
Once you are finished scooping out the interior of the cabbage, fill it with your favorite dip. You can use sour cream for the base of the dip or my personal favorite, Greek yogurt.  Adding spinach or chives to the dip will bring even more green to the table.
As for all the cabbage you have scooped out, save it for making soup or even tacos.
Carry the St. Patrick’s Day theme even further by surrounding the cabbage with a rainbow of crudités.
Carrots, spinach, tomatoes, snow peas and bell peppers are colorful options.

Shamrock Cut Outs
You don’t necessarily have to buy a clover cookie cutter to make St. Patrick’s Day cut outs. All you need is that heart cookie cutter you used for Valentine’s Day. If you look at the shamrock you will see that it is basically made up of hearts. So you can use your hearts to form shamrock toast, candy or cookies.
Green on Ice
Give your drinks some St. Patrick’s Day flavor by adding green to your ice cubes.
Add lime or mint to each cube in the ice cube tray. If you want your cubes to be crystal clear, use distilled water.

Nail It
If green just isn’t your color, you have other options other than wearing a green dress that will save you from getting pinched.
Paint the town red during your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration after you paint your nails green.
You can find green polish everywhere from the dollar store to the Chanel counter. There are also a number of shades to choose from, including everything from olive to kelly green.
If you want to take getting your green on even further, add a layer of shamrocks on your nails or rainbows.

Top o’ the morning to ya.