Make the most of the season with simple springtime crafts!

When spring rolls around, the world bursts in color and new outdoor possibilities of fun. What better way to celebrate the season with some springtime crafts?

Because spring can be fairly rainy, the following crafts can keep children and adults alike occupied when trapped indoors whom are looking to make the most of the season.

Stone Markers

Before you begin planting your favorite spring flowers or vegetable plants, be sure you know how to keep tabs on them!

Stone markers are a nice, natural and unobtrusive way to label the new plants in your garden. Hunt around for rocks in your yard. If you’d like, give them a good coat of paint in cute, spring colors. Write the name of a plant on each stone that it’s meant to label with a paint pen, and you’re ready to start gardening!

Butterfly & Flower Wall Art

This is an extremely simple craft that can create a striking visual effect when covering a whole section of a wall–and perfect for a girl’s bed room.

To make wall butterflies, simply fold colored construction paper in half, cutting out the outline of half a butterfly along the fold to reveal a full butterfly shape when unfolded–like cutting a paper snowflake. Once your butterfly is cut out, simply tape one wing to the wall so that the other hangs freely in the air. Try making a whole family!

You can also cut out flower shapes to stick to the wall under and around the butterflies for a nice springtime scene.

Watercolor Coffee Filter Flowers

This kid-friendly DIY bouquet project lets you bring the springtime splendor indoors with beautiful, tie-dyed artificial flowers.

Check out the tutorial over here!



Easy Easter Eggs 

Get ready for Easter with this simple egg craft that lasts all season! With wooden eggs, some paint and tape, you can make your own fun and fancy eggs.

Just spray paint your wooden eggs whichever colors you’d like. Once dry, cut out stencil shapes and tape them to your egg. You may then fill in the stencil with the desired color in acrylic paint using a foam brush. Once you fill in your stencil, remove it and the tape quickly.

This craft is great for kids, but leave the spray painting for the grownups!

Spring Flower Sensory Bottle

These bottle crafts are beautiful. mini displays of spring. You can use yours for decoration, though its creator suggests the educational use that preschoolers may make of them. Check out her tutorial and uses over at My Little 3 and Me!

Edible Flowers

We’ve all seen edible flower arrangements, though few know how simple it is to make these sweet, juicy flowers. You’ll need pineapple rings, a green apple, a watermelon and some wooden skewers.

Cut around the pineapple ring so it has the shape resembling a daisy. Put a ball of watermelon (or a grape!) in the enter of the ring. For a leafy stem, skewer slices of the green apple and stick the skewer into your pineapple ring. You could enjoy your flower now, but for a frozen treat simply cover and place in the freezer for later!

Simple Bird Bath & Feeder

Do you have an extra teacup or saucer? If not, buy some at a thrift store for a cheap and simple craft that bird lovers will certainly love.

Simply glue the teacup to the saucer. Fill the cup with water, and lay bird seed on the saucer. Leave it on a patio table for the day to give your neighbors in flight a little treat!