Make tools in the home look fab with tape!

Are you obsessed with washi tape, the fun, patterned masking tape from Japan? Because it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, washi tape is an essential craft material–which means there’s a lot you can do with it! If you need some washi inspiration, check out our list of great washi tape projects below!

1. Decorate Glasses

You can add a great decorative border around a glass with washi tape. Start with a set of different colors and complementary patterns so each one is distinct, but part of a cohesive look. This is great for parties and entertaining!

2. Get Fashionable Organized 

You can use washi tape to make your office organization so much more interesting. Cover binder clips so transform them into patterned, fun organizers. Put tape on cables, fold the tape over and write the cables’ uses to keep them labeled, and border scraps of paper to make decorative tags. You can also use more transparent tape for marking up and coloring in a calendar!

3. Frame Photos

Washi tape is great for framing photographs! Simply stick the photo to card stock and border the stock with however much tape you find necessary. If you’ve got old Polaroids lying around, be sure to cover its photos with washi tape!

4. Accent Spoons

If you have spoons with wide handles, consider adding colorful accents with washi tape! Like our drinking glass idea above, find ways to compliment your silverware set with a cohesive palette.

5. Color Blinds

Window blinds are useful for blocking out a view, but are so bland! But with a little free time and some rolls of washi tape, you can colorize old, rinky dink blinds however you’d like.

6. Bright Flower Planters

Make flower planters bright and festive with some creative use of washi tape. You can make a border, or cut and arrange the tape in a way to make great patterns that’ll look great against a floral display.

7. Dress Up Coasters

Take any old set of coasters and cover them completely with a layer of washi tape for a great striped look. The tape layer might not last for ages, but it’ll be easy to remove and re-stick a whole new one when it needs replacing. Find out how to make some cool coasters here!

8. Cover a Plain Desk

Have you bought a cheap, plain desk or table from Ikea? Add some flair by lining it with colorful washi tape! You can go through whole rolls covering the entire surface, or perhaps you just want to line the edges for something simpler and less busy. Let your imagination run wild with this simple Ikea hack!

9. Funky Light Switches

Washi tape is an incredibly easy way to add great patterns to light switch plates. Day goodbye to decoupage and just stick a nice border or layer of tape!

10. Decorate a Cork Board

Throw some washi tape on that cork board! You can make simple geometric shapes and line art to add a little pizazz to your favorite place to hang ideas, lists and more. Find a tutorial here.