Turn a drab wall into a fab gallery!

Setting up a gallery wall can be a great way to bring memories to the forefront, or to showcase your unique personal interests and hobbies. And with a little planning, putting artwork up is just a matter of picking the pieces, placing them and nailing them to a wall–a relatively simple afternoon or lazy day project. Here are some tips and directions to get you started, and to help have an idea for what to consider and include in your gallery wall!

Pick and prepare your wall

Select empty wall space that’s big enough to play host to the art you want to hang. You may want to sand and re-paint the wall to ensure that it’s absolutely smooth and ready to work with. It can be helpful to make templates of your artwork to arrange and imagine on the wall. 

Pick What you’ll hang

This is, of course, essential. You want an element of cohesion when putting together your gallery wall. Consider a theme: do you want to create a shrine for family memories? Should this wall portray different pieces of nature? Are you showing off memorabilia or images related to a hobby? Plan out a series of artwork that you want to show. But don’t forget to consider this next tip…

The anchor piece

You need an anchor piece whenever you’re composing something to do with home decor. An anchor piece here would be an image that captures attention–something a little larger, maybe more colorful, that captures attention immediately. Depending on the piece, it may be a good idea to put your anchor in a larger frame. 

Pick good frames

First of all, decide how similar you want your photo frames to be. Going eclectic is easy if you have a large selection (or love to go thrifty), but you’ll still want frames to be coordinated some way, like falling within a color palette. If you want frames to match, don’t go with all the same; make a selection on frames that have some common details, but are still unique in their own right.

Let there be light!

A gallery wall is useless if no one can get a good view of it! You’ll want light to fall on your gallery wall; if you have empty space on the wall that gets a lot of sunlight, it may make for an ideal gallery location. Of course, a lamp can work as well.

Make it part of the room

Don’t let your gallery wall just be a simple backdrop or exhibit-like experience; take care to place it within the room. What do we mean by this? Simply put, place your gallery wall near a piece that gets some use in the room–a book case, a credenza, an armchair–to bring it into the fold.