Tips For Scary Halloween Lighting

Time is ticking for Halloween, but it’s not too late to throw together an awesome light show with scary Halloween lighting, for trick-or-treaters. The big night is all about setting up a spooky scary atmosphere, so we’ve got some tips on how you can easily jazz up your display with some simple yet creepy lighting!

Cute ‘n’ Creepy

Welcome trick-or-treaters with a light-up pumpkin arch! First, install a PVC arch over the driveway–you’ll just need to stake it into the ground on each end. Affix plastic pumpkins to the archway with zip ties, stringing Christmas lights throughout to light it up! It’s a cute and fun attraction with a big “wow” factor. You can use bulbs of different sizes to vary the intensity of the lights.

Multicolor Savings

Want to light up your spooky display without fear of draining the energy bill? Use compact florescent bulbs for your floodlights. A CFL uses much less energy to achieve a much brighter effect. You can experiment with colors to really add some pizzaz to your seasonal lawn ornaments–perhaps a dramatic blood red or sickening green. A $10 CFL floodlight will last over 8,000 hours, enough time to scare the pants off the neighborhood.

Creepy Critters

Here’s a simple DIY project. Take toilet paper or paper towel tubes (or both!) and cut out a pair of eyes in each. Make them menacing, like monster eyes. Put a glow stick in each, then place them in shrubs and trees in your yard. Visitors will be spooked by all the glowing monster eyes watching in wait!

Second-Floor Scares

Add some height to make your Halloween display truly shriek-inducing! If you have an upper-level alcove or balcony, throw a ghoul or monster up there to look menacingly down at trick-or-treaters. You might also consider affixing a large spider to an upper-level facade surrounded by fake webbing. Throw a creepy-colored spotlight on the scares!

Playing with Negative Light 

How can you use the absence of light to make your home scarier to those outside? Creepy silhouettes! Fill the windows with black silhouettes of figures, as if people are eerily peering at passersby from inside. This decoration works best with some bright lighting behind it–so keep the silhouettes in rooms that you spend a lot of time in and are likely to always have a light on until bed.

Neighborhood Watch

Here’s a disturbing idea: strings of lightup eyes! All you need is some ping pong balls, markers and Christmas lights. Stick the balls onto the lights and color in pupils and irises–ta-da! Use LED lights so the eyes don’t heat up and melt–then string them along the porch, or even hang them.

Don’t Wake Baby

This one is super creepy–a lightup baby head! You can use the head of an old baby doll to cast an unearthly and eerie glow indoors or out. Be safe–use an LED tea light for a supernatural flicker that won’t melt the head.

One Color to Rule Them All

This one is dramatic, but oh so effective and ethereal. Consider replacing the light bulbs of your indoor entryway and front-facing rooms with colored bulbs of a single color, like bright green. While this is a drastic measure, you could opt to do this only during the period that you’re handing out candy–trick-or-treaters will be spooked by the glow your house will put off!