Keep your food fresh for up to five times longer!

No, it’s not a miracle–it’s science! Vacuum sealing can generally keep food fresh three to five times longer than simply keeping them in the fridge or freezer by blocking bacteria, air and moisture from your perishables. Your vacuum-sealed food won’t just stay edible, but will retain texture and appearance as well. Enjoying savings from not having to replace perishables as often is great, but being able to save a meal that will taste just as delicious later is too good to pass up.

If you love to buy in bulk, imagine the possibilities that open up with a vacuum sealer: you can buy a large bulk of meat for a whole season, staying fresh for years in the freezer before going bad–and you can forget about freezer burn, because the seal will keep oxygen and moisture from your food, which keeps it fresh for so much longer.

In addition to keeping refrigerated or frozen food fresh, vacuum sealing eliminates any worry of insects getting into your food–the seal will serve as a barrier, and after sealing there would be no air inside for bugs to live.

So, how long will it last in the freezer?

Beef: up to 3 years
Hamburger: up to 1 year
Poultry: up to 3 years
Pork: up to 3 years
Fish: up to 2 years

How long will it last in the fridge?

Lettuce: up to 3 weeks
Cheese: up to 8 months

Vacuum sealing isn’t just for individual ingredients; you can prepare an entire meal to seal and cook later with a sous-vide. Imagine whipping up a large batch of meals when time is free, sealing them up to cook with little effort later. And because there’s no air in a vacuum seal, meats will marinade in just a few minutes instead of hours–as air escapes in the sealing process, pores in the meats open to let the juices flow!

Other uses

We’ve talked a lot about vacuum sealing food, but that’s not the only thing you might want to seal! Anything that might be damaged by moisture can be sealed for safe keeping, such as important documents or even clothing. You can even seal medication.

Tired of having sugar become clumpy? Just seal it up! Because there will be no air in a vacuum seal, dry foods won’t harden up.

Some things to remember

Remember to store your vacuum-sealed perishables in the fridge or freezer for maximum shelf life. Note that while vacuum seals will block air out, the seal can weaken over a year or two. Label any food you’ll be storing for long-term use with a date, and if storing for longer than a year, consider re-sealing.  And by the way – a vacuum sealer will run you anywhere from$39 dollars to $500 dollars.   Shop around and do some research on which brands may be best for you.  We have one we purchased at Costco for around $150 bucks!  Happy food sealing and saving!