Upcycle your clothes into functional DIY decor!

Trying to clear out the closet? Or perhaps you’re bored of last season’s fashion? It’s silly to throw away perfectly good clothing after they are past their prime, as the fabric can be put to use in a number of projects around the home. We’ve got a round-up of 10 simple DIY projects for dressing up your home with your old wardrobe, so you can add your own creative, fashionable flair to any room in the house.

1. Mix & match a new lamp

The Droog Clothes Hanger Lamp is exactly what it sounds like: a lamp in the shape of a clothes hanger, with your favorite shirt or blouse as the shade! Keep an old dress shirt or two to complete this unique lamp. By having a selection of shirts, you can switch up the color the lamp will give off in your room. Protip: don’t use a shirt as a lampshade for any old lamp, as that is a serious fire hazard.

2. Cover a chair cushion

Customize your dining room chairs by covering their cushions with old sweaters. Simply cut a sweater so front and back are separated, removing the collar and sleeves. Unscrew the cushion from the chair and pull your cut sweater taut over the cushion, stapling it in place on the sides. Screw the cushion back into the chair and you’re done!

3. Make a dog bed

Give your pooch a brand new bed! This is a relatively simple craft–similar to making a very large pillow–and your dog may appreciate the use of materials with your scent on them. Check out the full tutorial here on quilting clothes together into a pet bed.

4. Weave a basket

Weave together a whole collection of baskets in different colors and sizes. Whether a little dish to throw small nothings acquired during the day to something bigger, these funky baskets make for unique, functional accessories to spice up a room. Find out how to make them here.

5. Put it on display

Got a favorite dress you no longer fit in but can’t bear to give away? Favorite or vintage clothes can make great wall hangings: consider an apron on a kitchen wall, or a sundress hanging on the wall behind a bed for a unique headboard-inspired hanging. Of course, covering a mannequin or dress form with a nice outfit looks great as well.

6. Make a quilt

Quilts are not only beautiful, but can tell a family’s history. If you have a lot of clothing to get rid of, stitch swatches together into a quilt for the bedroom or living room sofa. A quilt made from children’s t-shirts as they grow out of them is a great childhood keepsake.

7. Make a bath mat

Dry off on a beautiful rose bath mat made from t-shirts and fleece. A bath mat is the perfect size for using just one shirt, but you can of course make an area rug or something bigger if you have more clothes to get rid of. Find out how to make your own here!

8. Turn a shirt into a pillow cover

When you’re tired of dressing yourself up in some clothes, try dressing up some pillows! Button-down shirts and dresses are great fabric sources for pillow covers, and can add a little rustic charm to a sofa or bed.

9. Make a pillow

Making a pillow from an old shirt or sweater is as easy as stuffing it and stitching all the holes closed. Put graphic t-shirts and warm, comfy sweaters to good use with a second life. And the pest part of shirts-turned-pillows? Thanks to the sleeves, they are perfectly huggable!

10. Make a friend

Rag dolls are fun for kids and adults alike: whether giving a young friend something to play with or giving a room a unique, whimsical decoration, rag dolls and stuffed animals made from swatches of old clothes can give your home a vintage feel–and can look rather classy, too.