Why throw it out when you can reuse it? We have a bunch of fun ideas for turning furniture and furnishings you already have into a new decorative statement in your home.

Repurposing items already in your home and garage or fun items you find at yard sales and antique stores can save you money and create a cool factor in your home and yard. We’ve got a bunch of fun ideas to get you started.

If you have an old mattress in your attic, it’s time to make use of it. Or you can buy old mattress springs at antique stores or yard sales. Hang the mattress spring on the wall for an oversized message board. Eric says to find devices that round over the items and attach to the wall or wood. They look like cable holders, are made out of steel and anchor heavier objects to the wall. Add a layer or two of decorative elements and use hooks, clothespins, coat hangers, whatever you like to post items on the board.

Make a cottage-style display shelf. Hang a weathered mini-ladder on the wall for instant shelves. Why not paint it for a beach or cottage feel for your vacation place?

Paint the front of an old dresser with our favorite – chalk paint – and make it a fun place for kids to keep their clothes. Help them organize too by writing “pants” or “tops” on the drawers and encouraging some creativity, maybe by encouraging them list or draw what they’ll wear the next day as part of the bedtime routine.

Cut legs off an old chair and make a single-seat porch swing. Thread rope through the back of the chair, then around the seat so that it meets in two places. Hang the rope over a porch beam or heavy tree limb and secure it with eye bolts.

Make a sawhorse desk! Place a large tabletop on old sawhorses for an architectural look in an office or for function that looks great in the garage.

An old church pew makes a great headboard. Cut out the width of your mattress and tuck the bed up against the pew. The remaining sides serve as end tables.

Make a bathroom counter out of a bicycle. Use a heavy board like butcher block as the counter base, securing it above the seat block, to the wall, and to the gooseneck of the handlebars. The basket? Well, that makes a terrific hand towel holder. Think how cool a vintage bike will look in a bathroom with black and white tile.

Weave old leather belts through classic folding chairs for a new look. Secure the belts with rivets from your local craft store.

Use an old bread box as a docking station for your entire family’s cell phones. Cut slits in the back and label the spot for each family member’s chargers. The box closes up and nobody loses a charger!

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