Breathe new life in a room with existing furniture.

With any room, no matter how well designed, it’s easy to grow tired of a particular layout or furniture arrangement. But few of us can go out and buy new sets of furniture every time a room goes stale! Those itching for a change at no cost can try to breathe new life in a room by simply arranging its furniture in a new layout, or even sell pieces that don’t work. Here are some tips for switching up a room for a fresh look.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Before you do any arranging, clean up and de-clutter the room. This goes for accessories as well as larger pieces of furniture. What’s absolutely necessary? What works? Evaluate your need for everything in the room and get rid of whatever doesn’t seem to mesh. It’s possible a piece or two in the bedroom might better fit in the living room, or vice versa.

Pay Attention to Focal Points

Furniture that has been arranged without care for a focal point can leave everything looking in disarray. Identify possible focal points in the room you want to rearrange, such as a fireplace or large window. If your room doesn’t have an architectural focal point, try using your TV as one.

Keeping your focal point in mind, arrange the larger pieces of furniture first, like couches and armchairs. These are your anchors. Once you have set those in place, arrange the smaller pieces around them. Having this tiered system–focal point, anchors, accessories–makes rearranging all the easier, and lets you focus on only a few pieces at a time.

It can also be fun to add a new section to your room for maximizing space. For example, a living room can double as a home office. Try arranging a sofa so that it divides the room into two sections, and bring in some pieces you may have cluttered in a different room.

Get Functional

What is the purpose of the room you are trying to redesign? In its current configuration, do you find there is often a glare on the TV or computer screen? Consider the pros and cons the room has had on your ability to complete tasks, and identify issues that can be corrected. While it’s important to rearrange furniture to keep a room looking fresh and interesting, you also want it to stay comfortable and usable.

Get Away from Walls

Move everything away from the walls, even if it’s just a few inches. Breathing room is essential! At the same time, you want to make sure there is enough space for foot traffic so a group can comfortably move through the room. Making a room less crowded and claustrophobic can leave a lasting impression, opening space for other uses and giving some peace of mind. 

Bright Ideas

Pay attention to lighting. Try moving around your lamps so the whole room is covered with a blanket of light, and experiment with bulbs of a brighter wattage to keep things bright.

Experiment with Color

If you can spend some money on paint, new colors can invigorate a stale room without changing any furniture. Try a new color, or go for an accent wall to draw attention to a particular piece or focal point. Don’t feel like painting a wall? Give a piece of furniture that doesn’t quite fit the palette a fresh coat of paint!


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