Plant a garden in an eggshell using grass seed and make it into an egghead character the kids will love.

A fun family project during spring is to plant a garden in an eggshell. Transform the eggshell into the head of a person and plant grass, wheat, or rye seed inside to imitate thick and luxurious hair that you can cut and shape. Because grass, wheat, and rye have very shallow roots, you are able to grow it in an eggshell without having to worry about the egg breaking. Kids will enjoy spooning the soil inside the eggshell, planting the seed and watching it grow. 

To make the garden in an eggshell you will need the following items:

  • A raw egg
  • Sharp knife
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • A strip of poster board
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • About ½ cup potting soil
  • A small plastic spoon
  • Grass, wheat, or rye seed
  • Water

Make the Egghead

The first step in making the garden in an eggshell is to get rid of the egg inside the shell. The easiest way to do this is to carefully use a sharp knife to crack the shell to get rid of the pointy, small end of the egg. Just gently tape with the knife against the shell a little bit below the tip. If the egg breaks in an uneven fashion, it doesn’t really matter. Remove the shell tip and pour the egg out into a boil to be used for breakfast. Wash the bottom part of the shell both inside and out and let it air dry upside down, so all the water runs out of the egg, in a safe place.

Once the egg has dried, use the permanent markers to put facial features on one side of the egg. The top of the egg will be the cracked off tip and the bottom will be the fat part of the eggshell. Place two eyes near the top of the shell with eyebrows. Come down a little ways and add a nose and mouth. You can use a black marker or you can make the eyes blue or green and the mouth pink or red. It is suggested that you use permanent markers as the egg might become wet while watering the plant material inside. This way the ink will not run.

Make an Egg Holder

Cut a strip of poster board about 1 inch wide and 6 inches long. You can leave this plain or decorate it with crayons or markers. Draw a bow tie and collar so it looks like the eggshell is a head on a neck or draw pearls or glue a string of tiny pearls or lace on the strip for the collar of a dress and jewelry. Roll the strip into a circle and use a piece of tape to hold it in place. The circle made should be just big enough that the bottom of the egg sits on top, but does not sit inside the circle.

Planting the Egg

Use the plastic spoon to spoon potting soil into the egg. Fill it until it is nearly full. Do not pack the soil tightly but do firm it down a bit. Sprinkle some grass, wheat, or rye seed on top of the soil. Use just enough to cover the surface and then sprinkle a thin layer of soil over top the seeds. Place the egg in the egg holder and carefully water the seed. Don’t give the egg too much water, but just enough to dampen the soil. Place the egg garden in a sunny window and keep the soil damp.

Maintaining the Egg Garden

In a few days you will see green growing that will grow straight up. It will look like your egghead has a crew cut at first, but it will grow very long before dying off. Use scissors to give the egg head a haircut. Keep the soil moist and the egg garden will keep producing more plant life for about a month or so.

Try planting some thyme or chive seeds. They will take a long time to grow, but when they do you will have herbs to put in some of your cooking. You can also plant seeds for fine and small flowers like phlox and have a headful of pretty flowers. If you would rather have an eggshell garden that didn’t look back at you, crack the egg more toward the middle and make it into a pretty little basket.   Plant a garden in an eggshell and keep it up on the windowsill to add some whimsy to the atmosphere.