There are many coffee makers out on the market. For some, it’s a no-brainer decision: any that makes a good cup! But there are several things to consider prior to purchase. Here are eight great things to keep in mind when choosing a coffee maker.

1. Are you always on the go?

If you habitually grab your joe & then got to go, perhaps you should consider a pod or kcup coffee maker. The best feature of these machines is that they brew a cup of coffee without having to clean a filter afterwards. But buyer beware – the price of coffee pods can add up. A nice way to give the pod coffee machine owner options is to get a DIY pod maker, where you can reuse and repack your own pod based on your own favorite ground coffee. However, please note that this will require purchase and use of separate albeit much much smaller coffee filters.

2. Do you like entertaining guests or do you make coffee for several people at a time?

If you are making coffee for a crowd of people on a regular basis, perhaps a larger carafe size is more your speed. Instead of the kcup or pod coffees which brew small quantities rapidly, you should look towards more traditional coffee filtering.

3. Do you enjoy your coffee stronger than the average bear?

If you love a strong cup of coffee, perhaps you should consider getting one of two options: an espresso machine, which is a whole new ball game but makes the strongest cup, or a close second, a coffee press. Coffee made in a coffee press comes out very strong and tasty. However, if you are someone who is always on the go, remember: to brew a cup of coffee in a coffee press takes at least four minutes for the coffee to steep prior to press.

4. Should you look for a coffee machine with a reusable coffee filter?

If you are using a percolating coffee machine (as opposed to pods), you can benefit from having a reusable coffee filter that you simply need to rinse after use.

5. What about the finish & polish of the exterior?

If you want your coffee maker to fit alongside specific other appliances, this is something to keep in mind at the point of sale. Do you have nothing but red appliances? Make them match. Do you like a sleek gunmetal look for your kitchen? Take that into consideration. Making your kitchen feel good is part of the fun of picking appliances. What would make it feel good to you?

6. Can I set myself and my coffee maker an alarm in the morning?

Some traditional percolating coffee makers allow you to program them in advance so when you wake in the morning, your cup of coffee (pre-loaded the night before) is ready to go when you are. This is something to consider as you think about your priorities – is this a nice to have, a must have, or not for me?

7. Can’t I do both?

There are several hybrid coffee makers on the market that do both popular coffee maker styles: the pod style coffee brewing as well as the traditional, larger carafe style brew. You can have it all in coffee land – and in some instances, a little less expensive than the pod variety alone.

8. What about the price?

If you’re in the market for a kcup coffee maker but are worried about the sticker price of the kcup brand, consider options. Several great appliance makers also put their hat in the ring so to speak, creating their own brand’s version of pod coffee. The price of some of these can even run about the same as a more traditional coffee maker.

So there you have it! Great considerations for the new coffee machine for your home. Enjoy and happy brewing!