Choose permanent patriotic decor using red, white and blue or opt for temporary decorations

Red, white and blue in a room has been a favorite of Americans and often it isn’t seen as being overtly patriotic. It might be considered colonial or Americana style and it is the main decor all year round.  The colors of the American flag go well together and make for a lovely atmosphere. If you don’t want to have an Americana theme all year round, there are ways to temporarily decorate for patriotic holidays.  Use symbols of patriotism like the flag, stars and stripes to enhance the theme. 


Red, white and blue are a theme when decorating and they are all very bright. If you prefer a less subtle color combination, use a muted colonial blue, cranberry color or eggshell, cream or off white instead of navy, bright red and white. These colors warm the room but still give off a patriotic feel.  Don’t worry if your room is none of the patriotic colors. You can easily decorate with accessories when patriotic holidays come along.  


Displaying a flag in the room can be done permanently or temporarily to give an effective Americana feel. Hang a flag on the wall either vertically or horizontally with the stars near the ceiling. Antique flags make for wonderful wall hangings. Hang one above the fireplace or behind the sofa in the living room, put one behind the headboard in the bedroom or hang on the wall in the dining room.  Take many small flags, either modern, antique or reproduction and put them behind a glassed in frame. Hang them in groups on the wall for beautiful effect.  Fabric manufacturers make many different fabrics in flag motif or at least in red, white and blue.  Make throw pillows to put on the couch from this fabric or make curtains, tablecloths, place mats, slip covers or shower curtains to give a patriotic theme either permanently or temporarily. Place a bunch of small flags in a vase and set on a dresser or end table to celebrate your patriotism. 


Put a blue and white striped comforter on the bed or cover the floor with a red and white striped rug. Get stars from the craft store in wood or metal. They come in many different sizes and look great hanging on the wall in groupings.  Glue a few wooden stars to a headboard or paint a dresser with red and white stripes with a blue field of stars.  Look for wall paper with stripes or with stars or stencil stars along the edge of the ceiling.  Lamps come with star cut outs in the shades and make for pretty star-shaped shadows on the wall and ceiling. 


Accessories do not have to stay out all year round. You can put them away once all American patriotic holidays are over and bring them out next year, or you can keep them out all year round.  Red, white and blue quilts look lovely on beds. Hang an iron eagle with its wings unfurled and an Americana shield on its chest above the fireplace for a touch of patriotism.  Uncle Sam figurines bring some whimsy to a room as do red, white and blue nick-knacks on a shelf. You might even want to go as far as to place only books with red, white and blue bindings on your shelves. You can always cover books with paper to make them that way. Old advertisements from World War I and II era are fun to put on the wall in frames and most of them are patriotic in theme. Place red, and blue cushions alternately on white chairs in the kitchen or dining room or opt for red, white and blue dinnerware for your table. 

One of the best things about patriotic decor is that Americana accessories are plentiful and easy to find, especially during the summer months.  You can easily make accessories at home and they are very inexpensive. Patriotic decor is easy to achieve and it looks great in every room of the house.