Home Wizards Show 06/29/2013
Hour 1 – Keeping pesky summer pests at bay – Outdoor Party pointers – Garden DIY projects

Hour 2 – Outdoor lighting pointers – Backyard Veggie Garden how to’s – Outrageous burger ideas

Home Wizards Show 06/22/2013
Hour 1 – Cool outdoor DIY projects – Indoor and outdoor electric safety – Hot Garden trends

Hour 2 – Clutter free kitchen tools – Family summer projects – Outdoor movie night

Home Wizards Show 12/22/2012
Hour 1 – Last Minute Christmas Décor, Last Minute Christmas – Wrapping and Hostess Gifts, Professional Carolers

Hour 2 – Recycling Christmas, Hosting a New Year’s Party

Home Wizards Show 12/15/2012
Hour 1 – Hiring Help Around the House During Christmas Season, Christmas Centerpieces, Gift Plants

Hour 2 – Power Tools For christmas – Today Show and Empowerment, Tools for Stress Free Christmas Morning – Assembly, Gifts in a Mason Jar, Hosting a Cookie Exchange

Home Wizards Show 12/8/2012
Hour 1 – Fresh Christmas Trees, Decorating the Tree

Hour 2 – Artificial Christmas Trees, Handmade Gifts for Him and for Her

Home Wizards Show 12/1/2012
Hour 1 – Indoor Holiday Décor, Hiring a Professional Christmas Decorator – Costs and Expectations

Hour 2 – Poinsettias, Gifts for the Gardener, Growing Herbs for Pets

Home Wizards Show 11/24/2012
Hour 1 – Countdown to Christmas – Getting Organized; Outdoor Christmas Lights – Making Sure Yours Are Safe, Choosing the Best New Ones, What’s on Trend, How to Set Them Up

Hour 2 – Christmas Wreaths, Top Tools and Gifts for the DIYer, Convert an Old TV into a….

Home Wizards Show 11/17/2012
Hour 1 – Prepare Kitchen for a Stress Free Thanksgiving, Eric and Cindy Traditions – What to Bring, Turkey Problems and Solutions

Hour 2 – Holiday Stains From Wine to Gravy, Pet Stains and Odors – Before Company Comes, Plumbing Disasters Avoided on Turkey Day, Creative Uses for Wine Bottles

Home Wizards Show 11/10/2012
Hour 1 – Company Coming – Guest Room, Kitchen in Order, and 10 Quick Fixes; Plants/Plant of the Week

Hour 2 – Kids Table at Thanksgiving; What to Bring for the Party Hostess (Gifts); Efficient Fireplace; Hiding the Uglies Outside

Home Wizards Show 11/3/2012
Hour 1 – Things to Do in November, Get Ready for Holidays Now, Your Home Insured and Inventory Your Stuff, Chalk Paint Ideas

Hour 2 – A Ceiling Lift – The 5th Wall – Eric Project, Fall Patios, Home Furnishings High Point and Trends, Harvest/Thanksgiving Indoor Décor

Home Wizards Show 10/27/2012
Hour 1 – Halloween Party: Themes, Décor, What to Serve – Food and Beverage, Halloween Costumes Trends for Adults

Hour 2 – Kid Costumes and Pet Costumes – DIY Ideas to Save, Grow Your Own Veggies From Produce or Seeds, Fall Organizing

Home Wizards Show 10/20/2012
Hour 1 – Haunted Homes – The Story of a Haunted Midwestern Home, Haunted Homes – How a Shaman Cleared the Home

Hour 2 – Ghost Investigators – What They Do, Interview with a Ghost Investigator, Halloween Haunts – Make Your Home Amusement Park Scary with Steven Cometa

Home Wizards Show 10/13/2012
Hour 1 – Carving Pumpins and Cordless Drills, Pumpkin Décor without Carving, Science to Halloween Spooky, IKEA Hacking

Hour 2 – Frontyard Halloween Décor, Tulips Plant of the Week, Herbs Drying Them Out/Fall Containers, Halloween Party Favors/Cocktails

Home Wizards Show 10/6/2012
Hour 1 – New Unusual Pumpkins, Picking and Preserving a Pumpkin, Furniture Painting – Faux and Crackling Finishes, Slow Cookers

Hour 2 – Healthy Home in Flu Cold Season, Planting Garlic, What to Ask a Plumber, Halloween Crafts

Home Wizards Show 9/29/2012
Hour 1 – Blue Heron – It’s War!, Eric’s Toolbox, Growing Spinach, Rent Your Home/Room For Cash

Hour 2 – No Closet – No Problem, Fall Mantels, Landscaping for Privacy, How to Buy the Right Washing Machine

Home Wizards Show 9/22/2012
Hour 1 – Change of Season Décor – Fall Bring It On, Fall Home Maintenance to Do’s, Fall Bloomers – Flowers to Plant Now, Cordless TV and Entertainment Center

Hour 2 – Reorganize Your Kitchen – the Free Remodel, Guy Spaces, Countdown to the Holidays, What To Do Before You Install Wood Flooring

Home Wizards Show 9/15/2012
Hour 1 – Quick Fixes for Annoying Things, Safety Emergency Kit Checklist, Garden Features Beyond Gnomes, Decorating with Books

Hour 2 – How to Green Your Home with Janine Kubert and John Shipman, Eric’s Tool Box, Plant of the Week – Christmas Cactus

Home Wizards Show 9/8/2012
Hour 1 – The Real Cost of Home Improvement; You Ask, We Answer – Paint Color and Finding Your Style; Common Things to Use in Your Home

Hour 2 – September Garden To Dos; The Lowdown on Lawns and Weeds; Tailgating at Home Ideas; Buying a Scale, a Vacuum and a Rice Cooker

Home Wizards Show 9/1/2012
Hour 1 – Before Summer Ends Projects, Summer Centerpieces, Real Cost of Setting up a Dorm Room, Moving Tips and “Pretend Move” to Downsize

Hour 2 – Home Made Coffee Bar, Succulent Pairings Garden Do’s and Don’ts, Solar Power DIY/VS Installers

Home Wizards Show 8/25/2012
Hour 1 – Stone in Your Yard (Ideas and Installation How Tos), Summer Garden Ideas

Hour 2 – End of Summer Grilling (Myths, Truths and Tips), Host Your Labor Day Grill Party (Decor and Ideas), Back to School (Study Spots and Dorm Decor), Remote Control for Theater PC

Home Wizards Show 8/18/2012
Hour 1 – Beat the Heat – ACs and more, Drought Tolerant Gardens, Caring for and Choosing Koi, Big Box Grocery Shopping

Hour 2 – How to Make Home Comfortable Looking, Social Media – Home Alone, Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard, Dorm Decor

Home Wizards Show 7/28/2012
Hour 1 – Low Cost Upgrades, Quick Clean Bathroom Fixes, Garden Easy No Time Gardening

Hour 2 – Landscape Lighting How To, Summer Perennials, Diswashers – How to Shop for Them

Home Wizards Show 7/21/2012
Hour 1 – Hiring a Landscaper, Destressing Your Week on the Weekend

Hour 2 – Natural Bug Bite Remedies, Garden Apps and Tech Tools to Help in Your Yard, Is Your House Making You Fat?

Home Wizards Show 7/14/2012
Hour 1 – Beach Inspired Decor, Cat Troubles at Home, Summer Pet Care

Hour 2 – Growing Natural Remedies, Herbal Borders that Look Pretty, Summer Movie Night, Summer Projects

Home Wizards Show 7/7/2012
Hour 1 – Summer Entertaining Décor Ideas, Eric’s Fun Kid Ideas for Summer

Hour 2 – Edible Gardenin a Day, Ground Covers and Pathways, 10 Things Your Contractor DOESN’T Want You To Know, Create Nap Places in Your Yard

Home Wizards Show 6/30/2012
Hour 1 – Upgrade Your Yard for Entertaining, Deck Treatment and Repair, Summer Drinks and Appetizers, How to Hang a Flagpole

Hour 2 – Dog TV, Garden July To Dos, Make Your Home A Spa

Home Wizards Show 6/22/2012
Hour 1 – Live at Dwell on Design! Modular Homes, Imagine This Bubble In Your Yard?, Modern Style, Glass Garage Doors with Style and Efficiency

Hour 2 – Live at Dwell on Design! Eco Fabulous, Airstream Living, Ceiling Fans, Dwell Home Venice

Home Wizards Show 6/16/2012
Hour 1 – Fire Safety, Airplants, Hummingbirds

Hour 2 – Summer DIY Projects, Outdoor Speakers, Keep Cool

Home Wizards Show 6/9/2012
Hour 1 – Home Security, Working with Dad, Summer Decorating

Hour 2 – Pool Designs, DIY Pool Bin, Garden Container Ideas

Home Wizards Show 6/2/2012
Hour 1 – Eric’s Pond Is Done, Pond Plant Tips, Adirondack Chair

Hour 2 – Green Rebates, Tiki Torches, Plant Labels, Hawaiian Tropics

Home Wizards Show 5/26/2012
Hour 1 – DIY Pond, Tomato Tips, Grill Guide, Food Fresh Longer

Hour 2 – Backyard Wedding Tips

Home Wizards Show 5/19/2012
Hour 1 – Outdoor Kitchen, Grill Accessories, Garden Bar

Hour 2 – Pond Plants, WD40 Uses, Grad Party Tips

Home Wizards Show 5/12/2012
Hour 1 – Courtyard Design, Livingroom Decor, Color Trends

Hour 2 – Writers Retreat, Casita Colors, Gentleman’s Study

Home Wizards Show 5/5/2012
Hour 1 – Pond and Waterfall, Fabric Tips, Cracked Granite Fixes

Hour 2 – Remembering Pets, Avocado Disease, Wall Decor, Patio Furniture

Home Wizards Show 4/28/2012
Hour 1 – Kitchen and Bath Show, Countertops, Grills and Cabinets

Hour 2 – Kitchen Designers, Multi Generation Designs

Home Wizards Show 4/21/2012
Hour 1 – Green garden stream and cozy family room designs

Hour 2 – Mural Art, Sleeping Porch, Compostable Diapers

Home Wizards Show 4/14/2012
Hour 1 – Pasadena Showcase House, Pool and Bedroom

Hour 2 – Exotic Garden, Boosing Your Home Value, Stove Tile Tips

Home Wizards Show 4/07/2012
Hour 1 – Outdoor Spring Ideas, Citrus Tree Diseases

Hour 2 – Pasadena Showcase House, Greenhouses, Attitude Adjustment

Home Wizards Show 3/31/2012
Hour 1 – Roses, Easter Preps, Kitchit Chefs

Hour 2 – Designer Denise Richards, Color Palette, Suprise Home Cleaners

Home Wizards Show 3/24/2012
Hour 1 – Ornamental Grasses, Soundscapes, Hydroponics, DIY Greenhouse

Hour 2 – Small garden, Garden restoration, Pruning, SF Garden Show

Home Wizards Show 3/17/2012
Hour 1 – Easter Decor, Egg Dying and Easter Egg Hunts

Hour 2 – Spice Rack Essentials with Chef Jeffrey Saad

Home Wizards Show 3/10/2012
Hour 1 – Funding Home Improvement Dream, Ground Covers

Hour 2 – Stepping Stones, Floral Arrangements, Door Painting, Spring Cleaning

Home Wizards Show 3/03/2012

Hour 1 – Downsizing and Donating Items to Charity

Hour 2 – Tomato Tips, Email Questions, Great Gadgets


Home Wizards Show 2/25/2012
Hour 1 – Plant Shopping, Organization and Less Noise, Pretty Patios


Home Wizards Show 2/18/2012
Hour 1 – Garden Junk, Spring Plants, 5 Ways Healthier Home

Hour 2 – Fairy Gardens, Building a Dog House, President’s Day Deals


Home Wizards Show 2/11/2012
Hour 1 – IBS Building Show, NAHB, Simple Green, Smog Eating Tile

Hour 2 – IBS Building Show, Windows, Lighting Controls, USB Outlets


Home Wizards Show 1/28/2012
Hour 1 – Feng Shui, Romantic Rooms, Home Remodel Apps

Hour 2 – Healthy Homes, NFL Garden Party, Orchid How To


Home Wizards Show 1/21/2012
Hour 1 – Butterflies, David Snow and Color Wheel

Hour 2 – Bathroom Lighting, Home Connectivity, Super Bowl Parties


Home Wizards Show 1/14/2012
Hour 1 – Consumer Electronic Show

Hour 2 – Consumer Electronic Show Part 2


Home Wizards Show 1/07/2012
Hour 1 – New Year Organization, Rose Care

Hour 2 – Fireglass and Projects for 2012


Home Wizards Show 12/17/2011
Hour 1 – Christmas Organization, Potluck, Green Christmas

Hour 2 – Christmas With Your Pets, Gingerbread Houses


Home Wizards Show 12/10/2011
Hour 1 – Lights, Poinsettias, Living Christmas Trees

Hour 2 – Gifts for Tool Guy and Gardener, Molding Base


Home Wizards Show 12/03/2011
Hour 1 – Little Dickens Carolers, Christmas Pictures

Hour 2 – Fresh Christmas Tree Advice and Tree Trimming Tips


Home Wizards Show 11/26/2011
Hour 1 – Christmas Lights and Wreath Making

Hour 2 – Christmas Shopping, Artificial Trees and Fireplace Prep


Home Wizards Show 11/19/2011
Hour 1 – Choosing countertops and pendant lighting

Hour 2 – Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks