Setting Up a Gallery Wall

Turn a drab wall into a fab gallery!
Setting up a gallery wall can be a great way to bring memories…
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Guide to Springtime Garden Pests

A pesticide-free guide to dealing with pests.
When gardening, it’s easy to put all your attention on the composition and needs…
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Weekly Color Palette – Lemon Grove

A saccharine and sweet bedroom treat!
What’s on the menu this week? Something sweet, sour and tangy–a lemony citrus dream! This…
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What To Do With Your Island

Turn that island into a culinary oasis
There are few things more versatile in the home than a kitchen island. This…
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Weekly Color Palette – Glamorous Gilt

A bright, brassy and golden living room!
This week we’re letting the sun in with a bright, bold and gilded look….
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Girl Scout Cookie Upgrades

Tis the season for delicious Girl Scout Cookies!
We love supporting our kids, especially when it comes to delicious Girl Scout…
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Fence Inspiration & Tips

Different styles and ways for installing & decorating a fence.
When putting together your garden plan, it’s easy to miss a…
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Decorating Your Bookshelf

Tips to transform your bookshelf into something stunning.
Books are fodder for decorating just as much as they are food for…
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Weekly Color Palette – Taupe Temptation

A color palette for a sophisticated, neutral bedroom design.
For this week’s color palette, we’re going largely neutral, with taupe, gray…
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How To Create A Mini Bar

A cute mini bar is a fun, festive way to create a friendly environment to entertain your guests. Here are…
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Useful Household Tips & Tricks

10 Easy Things to Bring to the Summer BBQ

Summer barbecues are fun, but when you’re the guest, coming up with the perfect dish to bring can be a…
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15 Ways to Get Ready for Christmas In July

Get a head start on the holiday season.
It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the holiday…
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20 Foods to Re-grow from Kitchen Scraps

Don’t throw those scraps away! Growing your own food from leftovers that you toss in the trash might sound like…
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