Easy ways to hide garden tools or what have you.

You want your garden to be a beautiful place to rest and relax. This means you’ll want to keep the deck or patio clean and clutter-free, just like any room in the house. It’s always a challenge to find some extra storage space, so we have a few ideas on how to cleverly store or disguise whatever you need to stash outside.

A place for the hose

You can repurpose an old urn into a fashionable hose storage space by simply drilling a hole in the bottom, fitting it with piping to direct the hose through. Snake the hose through the hole, coiling it up inside–think of it like a snake in a snake charmer’s basket. Not only is your hose out of the way, but no one will suspect tools in an attractive patio urn.

Bring the indoor furniture out

Got an unused armoire, dresser or curio cabinet? Take these storage furnishings that are used indoors outside for easy places to store gardening or grilling tools! Old shelving units can also be upcycled into cubbyholes, and draping a flashy fabric over it will keep tools out of sight and out of mind when you just want to relax.

If you want to use a simple shelving unit that’s durable and on a budget, look no further than a plastic unit and drawers (think dorm furniture). 

Form and function

Let your patio or deck furniture do some multitasking: a bench, table or an ottoman can double as storage space. Find a piece that features a liftable table or seat that works as a chest. This works as a hidden space for storing tools, or can even be used as a cooler for hot cookouts when you want drinks cold and on-hand.

If you’re very handy, you can also hack a picnic table so that it supports a build-in wine or beer cooler, keeping your drinks within easy reach. Check out the tutorial for it here!

Go vertical

Consider all the unused space on your home’s exterior walls. That’s a lot of real estate! Use hooks or a rack–like a coat rack–to hang the tools you need easy access to in your garden. Hang a few plants here and there to keep things fresh looking and appealing.

Go under

Another under-utilized space you may have is the underside of your deck. This can be a great place for storage, though the trick is to keep things from getting damp or moldy. Use some vinyl covering below your deck with lattice work on the sides, so your stuff can keep dry and breathe.

Get a shed

Sheds come in a variety of sizes, materials and prices. Put a shed in your back yard for a dedicated space to keep everything you need for working outside. If it’s large enough, your shed can also function as a workspace, killing two birds with one stone.


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