Watching The Stars with Your Own Lights, Cameras, Action at Home

It’s the glam of Hollywood that gets millions of us to tune in and see not only if our favorite Actor or Actress, gets an Oscar, but if the movie we loved in the theater is awarded that coveted statuette. Then again, face it, sometimes it just as much about what the celebs are wearing. So this is a fun way to get a group together and take it all in, starting with your own Red Carpet arrivals. Set the stage in your place so your friends, and family, feel they are getting that star studded treatment, red carpet, paparazzi and all, and then from food and snacks to drinks of the night, and swag, you will have a night that everyone will remember for years to come. Here are more ideas for your Oscar night viewing party!


The Candy Bar – Set up theater candy in large glass jars or bowls and fill them with sour patch kids, M&M’s, Reese’s pieces, licorice and provide scoops and bags so guests can pick and choose.
Offer other movie theater faves, like big pretzels with dipping sauces like plum sauce for an Asian vibe and popcorn with flavorings and plates of nachos with cheese, sour cream, guac and salsa.


Create a way to display award nominees with a piece of black foam board with one for each award category.
Make your home look like a theater with track lighting – strings of lights to show the way to food, beverages and the exits to restrooms.


Ballots for all of the nominees so guests can predict who the winners will be. Those who get it right go home with a bottle of champagne and dinner and a movie passes.