Treat yourself to these essential garden tools.

Before you go to town on your garden, take inventory and be sure that you’ve got everything you need. Useful accessories can make planning, weeding and digging in a garden immeasurably easier. Check out these great tools to add to your garden this season!

CobraHead Weeder

A CobraHead weeder is a godsend for pulling out weeds. It’s essentially a curved knife that makes it easy to dig and uproot weeds, making the monotonous and difficult routine a snap. And thanks to its narrow shape, you can really get into the nooks and crannies.

Self-watering Container

Self-watering containers are great for those who don’t have the time they’d like to dedicate to ensuring their plants are well-watered. Simply keep the reservoir topped off, and the container will take care of the rest, making this accessory great for beginner gardeners. 

Good Pruners

Invest in some quality pruners, because you’ll be using them a lot in your garden. Your pruners will be your best friend, helping out with weeding and cutting back plants an flowers of all types. 

Gardening Apron

We can’t recommend any tools without telling you where to keep them. A gardening apron is different from a cooking one due to a kangaroo-like pouch that holds all the tools you need. This keeps everything on-hand, but out of the way–so no walking back and forth to the shed and the flowerbed.

Knee Pads

A day spent gardening can be devastating for the kneecaps–and you’ll want some knee pads if you need to work within a bed of stones. Some durable leather knee pads will go a long way, and let you spend more time doing the thing you love: gardening!

Gardening Gloves

Quality gardening gloves keep your hands clean–and free of prickly thorns that might be present with some plants. Good gloves will also give you a better grip on your go-to tools!

A Hori Hori

This Japanese tool with a fun name is a very necessary tool. It’s a bit of a cross between a trowel and a knife; the sharp blade can be used for digging, and will cut through nearly anything in your garden. 

EasyBloom Plant Sensor

Plan out your garden easily with an EasyBloom sensor. Just stick it in the ground, and it will analyze moisture, sunlight, humidity and any other variable that will determine a plant’s growth. After using the sensor, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your environment, what plants will thrive there, and what should be changed in the soil.

A Smartphone

Yes, you read right–a smartphone! There are so many apps and digital tools available to help you plan out your garden. We’ve got a great list of apps for Android and iOS that you might want to check out, because planning a garden ahead of time makes everything else so much easier.