There’s a reason why we all go awww when we see twinkling lights. Lighting really helps make a mood grow – whether it’s an array of lanterns or a few choice candles, positioned correctly, lights can help set a mood or a feel for any occassion. Here are a few starter ideas to help you set the mood no matter what the occassion!

Lighting a Romantic Dinner

Decorate a sparse room with mismatched candles at different heights to make an almost church like glow. Just don’t use too many – or you’ll both overwhelm the room and possibly light it on fire.

Lighting a Small Party Gathering

What about twinkling Christmas tree lights throughout a yard? Or perhaps, if that’s not possible, a few key small ramekins or even soap dishes spread throughout the aisles or as a clustered centerpiece on the tables can make a sweet, inviting atmosphere.

Lighting a Backyard Bash

Put a candle in a wine bottle and then affix the wine bottles on the side of a wooden fence in order to make a glow that is maximum effect for a larger gathering. Word to the wise: since these are live candles, don’t hang these from anything that isn’t 100 percent secure – you will have a lot of people and no time to watch and control everything, so a little goes a long way as far as safety is concerned.

Lighting a Dinner With Children

If there’s children involved, then two things happen to lighting: extra safety precautions and extra cuteness. If you draw on a light bulb with a sharpie then use it to replace an overhead light, you will get to see patterns that delight the children all around the room.

Lighting A Holiday Feast

If you’re lighting during a holiday feast like Thanksgiving, you’ll want to leave room for not only the people involved as well as the ample food you’re preparing. So rather than use centerpieces, we suggest using the best ambient light that is not on the table. Perhaps hanging a few lanterns or setting a fire in the fireplace would be a nice way to feel how special the occassion is and at the same time be functional as well.

There you have it! Five great ways to highlight your delicious meals! What do you think? Is there a trick you love? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know here or facebook us at


Cindy and Eric