One color gardens have stunning eye appeal in bloom, and you can create one in a small section – as small as a container on your balcony – or large place carved somewhere in an expansive lawn.

Just the word “gardener” might be intimidating, but Eric Stromer assures you that if you put in a plant, and it lives, you’re a gardener! It’s simple. A monochromatic garden exudes beauty, mood and creativity. You can find flowers in one color, say blue, which are short, tall, spiky, fluffy, simple, good for bouquets, either perennials or annuals. The variety is in the shades, blossoms and plant composition, while the single color presents the emotion. Red is exciting. Green is peaceful. White is delightful and makes for a moonlight event. Black runs to glamor and sophistication, while yellow is optimistic. Blues are calm, and purple has dignity. Orange is happy, grays are cool.

When you’ve identified your spot or container(s), and then choose your color. Check the closet for what you wear most and the colors inside your home. For contrast and interest, step outside your common colors and have a fling with a new hue. Next, track down information on what grows best in your region. You can buy a book, download an app, read magazines and surf the Web. Doing a bit of homework will increase your success factor. One of the best ways to see how different flowers and flowering shrubs look is to cruise through neighborhoods and note what’s thriving and what type of garden appeals to you most.

As you make decisions, think about shades of color and size of fully grown plants. Azaleas come in delightful ranges of pinks and make nice borders or soften an exposed section of house foundation. Remember that shrubs grow horizontally and vertically, so plant with a growth plan in mind. If you are determined to have blossoms at a particular time of year, choose all the same flowers in different shades, like all lilies in a variety of yellow. All orange tiger lilies with their tall green leaves create a cheerful focal point and come back year after year.  White tulips are stunning, especially if you are planning an outdoor yard wedding. Set the date by when the tulips will bloom!

A monochromatic splash in your yard, on your deck or in a window box over the garage door can add excitement with a vibrant color that complements your house paint and trim or contrasts for an extra eye-popping encounter. It will definitely Improve Your Home, Improve Your Life™, and that’s what is all about. Feel free to send us before-and-after photos; we’d love to see your monochromatic creation.