Make, store & transport delicious meals in mason jars.

You don’t have to sacrifice a good meal when you’re low on time: prepare a few servings and meals packed in a mason jar, and you can store it for whenever it’s ready to be eaten. We’ve told you before how to pack a salad in a jar, but what else can you do? Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, soup, a snack or more, we’ve got a few more ideas for sealed and portable meals.

1. Seven-Layer Dip

There’s no better snack for a circle of friends to share than chips and dip–and containing a delicious, home-made dip in a mason jar makes it easy to transport your contribution to a group gathering or picnic. Leave the store-bought jar on the shelf, and give this dip a try, containing ingredients diverse as cheese, avocado, green onion and more.

2. Lasagna

Think you can’t cram an old Italian favorite into a set of mason jars? Think again, because this makes for an easy to make, easy to pack treat fit for work or school. Mason jars can withstand heat from your oven–at least up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which this recipe calls for–so you can heat or reheat this meal in the kitchen wherever you’d like to eat.

3. Tortilla Soup

Of course, a soup fits well with a mason jar–you already have your bowl, and you can heat it up directly in the jar! Tortilla soup contains few ingredients, making it a meal with little fuss. Try out this rustic twist on the old southwestern dinner.

4. Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie makes for a great way to make use of leftovers, and because you need only throw a few ingredients together, it shouldn’t be surprised that this can be left and served in a mason jar. Mix and match whatever meat and vegetables you have on hand that you think would taste well together! But for those in need of inspiration or a framework to run with, check out this mason jar recipe.

5.  Yogurt Parfait

After sleeping (and therefore not eating) for hours and hours, breakfast is an essential meal. But many don’t like eating the moment you get out of bed, or perhaps are in a hurry out the door. A yogurt parfait is an easy, healthy way to start the day. With the help of some mason jars, you can pack a whole week’s worth of breakfast in the fridge to take with you to work. Throw in some Greek yogurt, then add a layer of cut-up fruit followed by a layer of granola. Repeat these alternating layers until you’ve filled your jar with all you think you can eat.