Beautify what would otherwise be any other mailbox using simple tools

Maybe you have leftover tiles from a kitchen or bathroom renovation! Make use of them with this creative idea. Incorporate your mailbox into your home and add curb appeal with these easy steps.

What You’ll Need:

  1. 3 sheets of 1×1 mosaic tile
  2. tile mastic
  3. non-sanded grout
  4. bucket sponge
  5. mailbox
  6. tile nippers
  7. trowel
  8. grout float
  9. cheese cloth


    1. You can purchase your tiles at any big box store. Comb the mastic onto the outside of the mailbox. This acts as a strong adhesive for the tile.

Picture 3

    1. Make things easier for yourself by covering one area at a time and then placing the tile by area so as not to rush the process. Use tile in strips or individual tiles if you would like to get even more creative!

Picture 4

  1. Apply the grout over the top of every surface with your float at a 45 degree angle.
  2. After you’ve covered every crevice, go back over it with a wet sponge and rinse the excess.
  3. Buff off the resulting haze to reveal your new mailbox.

The finished product is beautiful and will certainly wow your guests! If you missed Eric’s demonstration on the Today show, click here to see him in action. He explains this project along with a couple other home improvements; all under $50!

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