Sometimes you just look at your kitchen and say, this old thing? But replacing cabinets and cupboards can get very expensive. Rather than change everything, here are five little upgrades you can do to your kitchen to take that old thing and make it sing.

Faucet Fun

Replacing a functional item like a faucet can feel like a major upgrade, but at a more affordable cost than say replacing a major appliance. There are tons of options – maybe you always wanted a faucet that has a flexible handle for spraying hard to clean dishes or perhaps you want one with a built-in water purifying system. Take your time and explore options in your hardware store.

New Hardware

Changing the handles on your cupboards to replace worn or broken knobs or using antique or custom pieces can make your same cupboards feel unique and compelling, which could be just what you need to shake it up without shaking you down for your wallet.

Accentuate The Positive

Changing the walls of any room can add a whole new feel to the room by livening it up or changing the mood. If you don’t have the budget for an entire room, why not try painting a recessed wall or backsplash to create an accent wall? Accent walls both really make the color pop as well as feel a big change without breaking your bank.

Silver Linings

The drawers of your kitchen might not seem to be the first place to make a dramatic change, but when you think about what you actually use every day, it makes sense. Change up the pattern! Go bold! Go quiet. Try the color you wouldn’t dare paint the whole kitchen – but you love anyway. Here is a great place to put what you wouldn’t dare put anywhere else – and it’s just for you.

Tile Touches

Maybe you can’t replace all the tiles in your kitchen – but what you could do is remove a few key tiles systematically and deliberately and replace with tiles to create your own one-of-a-kind floor pattern that’s sure to impress.

There you have it! Five great ways to get you started with a new, fresh feeling without breaking your bank. Let us know if you try any! We’d love to hear from you!

Happy cooking,

Cindy and Eric