If you can’t afford a kitchen remodel, it doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your kitchen’s look and feel. Here are some quick ways to give your cabinets, sink and space a fresh vibe!

It’s tough when you want a new kitchen but know you don’t have the money it takes for a total remodel. But you can make plenty of small changes, ranging from completely free to relatively inexpensive:

Try a fast fix for dressing up dreary cabinets. Paint the cabinets or put on new hardware. You can buy new hardware at $1.50 to $5 a knob for an instant facelift and even better function. When choosing hardware, stay in the family of your appliances or countertop. For example, don’t add gold knobs in a kitchen with stainless steel appliances. But you can match your sink, metals or counters with jewel tones and ceramics.

Try a clear or opaque glass insert in shaker-style cabinet doors. It’s easy to cut out the inset portion and replace it with glass. Just remember that clear glass shows everything inside, so only choose clear if that’s the look you want. Otherwise, go with sandblasted or totally opaque glass.

Upgrade your faucet. A hands-free faucet, spray nozzle or low-water use upgrade can make you feel better about time spent at the sink, the control panel of your kitchen! If you don’t have plumbing expertise, consider calling ServiceLive or a local plumber for help with installation.

Paint the entire kitchen or just an accent wall. Clean the walls first to remove grease and use a primer/paint combination. You’ll completely change the look and feel of your kitchen.

Add task lighting, especially if you can easily isolate switches. Self-adhesive LED strips are easy to install and you can buy kits for changing regular lights into pendants. You can’t go wrong with more light in the kitchen.

If you’re crafty and have a little bit of money to spare, add some color pops to your kitchen with a new curtain or window topper. Or buy some new towels, pot holders and a few other accessories.

No money at all? Simply rearrange and organize your drawers. Or clean off and reorganize the countertop space. Make it easier to locate items and mix it up just for change and a fresh feeling in the kitchen.