KBIS – is the world’s largest Kitchen and Bath Trade Show

Every year Eric and Cindy love to scope out what is hot, and what is not!  For 2012, we are seeing a number of emerging trends from function ahead of fashion in many instances, saving energy and money, getting creative with appliances and materials so they no only look great but are more convenient and accessible, and smart technology that isn’t “too smart – but just smart enough” so we understand it and will really use it!

Jim Scott is with KBIS and joins Eric and Cindy with an overview at this year’s show in Chicago.Imagine heading home from the farmers’ market you love with a rainbow of fresh veggies and fruits, and having them stay “alive” and fresh for weeks on end?   It’s a super technology we love in the Liebherr  Refrigerator that with its Bio Fresh technology, it keeps the temperature and humidity just right in air tight drawers and it cools by not taking air from the freezer which is how most refrigerators work.  Here we talk with Larry Feldman about this technology and how it works.

Whether it’s the Kitchen or the Bath, Designers are using more solid surfaces – a trend that has jumped by 26 percent! Why? According to a survey by the National Kitchen and Bath Association it’s because many homeowners are looking for ways to update and refresh the home without an extensive remodel and they want to be environmentally responsible.  Tom Perich with DuPont talks about how Corian is the standard for style and an increasingly popular choice because of the look, feel, and ease of maintenance.

Cabinets are getting smarter and smarter so when you can’t reach them, they will do all the work for you!  The Haefele companyis all about integrating that smart technology and automation into cabinets, doors and drawers along the attractive and energy efficient LED lighting that comes on when you open the drawer or door.  Jake Van Wyk talks about the innovations and what’s driving changes in how we store our stuff in the Kitchen.

Outdoor living and entertaining is not just about outdoor eating, but let’s face it, it sure is nice to have a great grill close by for a yummy meal you make with friends and family all there!  Enter the Kalamazoo Gourmet company’s latest innovation – a grill on steroids because it can cook three ways at once – with gas, wood and charchoal!   Russ Faulk has not only designed them but figured out the mechanics of it and shares how 3 years in the making this creation has come to be.