Great DIY wedding favors on a budget.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, serious business, but you can’t forget to thank all of those whom will share your special day with you. Unfortunately, the wedding favors business is full of a lot of junk and expensive choices. If you want to provide favors for your guests that they will actually use and enjoy on a budget, we have you covered with some simple DIY favors.

1. Homemade & Hearty

Try making a few batches of homemade jam or some jars of granola or trail mix. These are hearty snacks that your guests can appreciate after a wild and eventful day. They’re also all simple to make, with a lot of room for showing off your own favorite tastes. As for packaging it all, look no further than a trusty mason jar, which can be purchased in bulk.

2. A Tool for Reflecting

Weddings give us a lot to think about: memories, thoughts of the future. Your guests may even be contemplating their love lives! Let everyone put their thoughts to rest with handmade books as favors. All it takes are a few tools–quality paper, string, an awl, scissors–to give your guests a heartfelt book that’s perfect for journaling, sketching and taking notes.

3. Something Regional

This can be a simple, effortless favor, and easy on the budget if you pick the right thing. Think about little things that can only be found in–or exemplify–your town or state. Go around to small businesses and see if they can cut a deal with a large order, and put your haul together in little baskets for your wedding guests!

4. Sweet Treats

This goes along with point #1, but deserves its own focus: make something sweet! No one can resist pastries and sweets, and a package of just a few homemade cookies can be a delight. A small kit of all the ingredients necessary for s’mores is quick and simple, as are jars layered with perfectly-measured ingredients for a batch of cookies layered atop one another.

5. Greenery

Succulents are irresistible due to their cute, tiny sizes–and are welcomed by all due to their ability to withstand neglect. Succulents are relatively affordable purchased in wholesale, being about $2-3 each. Plant them in teacups or something cute to set at your guests’ seats at the reception, labeled with their names. It’ll be a place card that they can take home!

6. Memories for a Lifetime

Having a flash drive handy is always very useful–but a flashdrive full of memories is a unique and well-thought gift. Preload drives with photos from the ceremony or you and your fiancee’s lives together. For something your guests can really enjoy, include a playlist showing off your taste. Depending on your wedding party or guest list, you can even go the extra mile by further personalizing for individual recipients.

7. Herbal Olive Oil

Got an herb garden? Collect sprigs of whatever herbs you choose to add to your average, typical olive oil for some extra flavor. Again, you can showcase your taste while giving your guests an ingredient that will last them for some time, reminding them of you in the dishes they use it with! Wash your sprigs, then throw them in bottles when dry. Add the olive oil and you’re done!

8. Candle Holders

Here’s another simple favor: fit small candles into jars to use for your reception’s mood lighting. Add embellishments like ribbon or charms around the jar’s lip, and encourage guests to take them away after the event is over.

9. A Fresh Start

A simple bulb–as in flowering plants, not lighting–is a super-easy favor: put it in a cute bag or box. People love plants, and a new tulip or amaryllis plant is a beautiful addition to a garden in the springtime–and can thrive indoors as well.

10. Beer (or other) Bottle Glasses

We’ve told you about converting glass bottles into rustic-looking cups before, and we recommend these as fun (and cheap!) favors as well. As you get through whichever spirit you enjoy, save the bottles. Cut off the neck of the bottle (there are various methods to doing this, depending on what tools you have), and sand the cut immediately to avoid cutting yourself. Match the cups with your guests’ drinking preferences!