Getting whimsical in the garden.

Add a touch of whimsy to your garden by making a miniature fairy garden or gnome garden! A fairy garden is a teeny-tiny, contained garden made to look under the care of the fabled creatures. This is truly an exercise for one’s imagination, as you can decorate your small garden however you like–and due to its size, it’s easier to wrangle than your real garden! This craft is excellent for children or the young at heart. 

1. Find a container

Terra cotta pots make for great fairy garden containers (as do old tin buckets), but you can use any container for your fairy/gnome garden. An old plastic tub works, as does a recycled wooden crate. For a truly whimsical, rustic look, you might even use a wheel barrow!

2. Get some greens

A fairy garden can’t be a garden without some shrubbery! Succulents, miniature evergreens, miniature daisies and dwarf grasses are all great plants to start with. You’ll also want to include moth in your miniature garden. Finally, have potting soil on-hand.

3. Do some planning

A fairy garden is a celebration of the imagination, so take some time to envision and imagine the garden you want to meet. If you’re using a large container for your garden, try different placements by placing your plants down while they’re still potted.

4. Keep composition in mind

Keep your tallest plants in the back of your garden, and shorter plants in the foreground. This creates depth–and is a general rule for landscaping. Layer your plants! Fill out your garden by planting clusters of plants together.

5. Make it a true garden

Add a pathway through your miniature garden with a line of tiny pebbles. You can also make a patch of soil with itsy-bitsy succulent buds to show off your fairy or gnome’s green thumb. Finally, add some miniature gardening tools like wheelbarrows, shovels and more (you can find these at your local craft store). 

6. Make it a home

Your fairy garden isn’t complete without a home for your fairy or gnome! Add a tiny house (like a bird house!) for your garden. As with the tall shrubs, place it near the back of your garden. And don’t forget to populate your garden! A tiny fairy or gnome figure (or a family of them) will complete the look of your garden.

7. Make the finishing touches with accessories

This is your time to indulge and let your imagination run wild! While not required, accessories like miniature fences, doll house patio furniture, a tiny mailbox breathe more life in your small garden.