Out with the old, in with the new!

While it might be less exciting, the first and most important step in gardening season is to de-clutter your workspace. An organized, clean place for storage or working will make your tasks around the yard immensely easier. Nothing says “spring cleaning” like getting your garden workspace in shape, so let’s dig in!


Inspect all your containers to see if any are broken or cracked. From those that are left, evaluate which you will use and which you no longer need. You can give old plastic pots back to your local nursery, and shards from terra cotta pots can be placed in the bottom of other pots to keep water from leaking.


It’s likely that you don’t need every tool you have stashed away–get rid of any you haven’t used and don’t see a use for in the future. 

But you’re not gonna just throw everything away! What to do with the tools you will continue to use? Organize tools depending on type: keep trowels and forks, tools for watering and tools for the lawn organized together, respectively. This way you’ll be able to grab whatever you need depending on your garden task for the day.

Consider installing a peg board in the garage or shed, to hang tools (or hang baskets of tools) from so that everything is in sight and not hidden away in cupboards, boxes or drawers.

Pesticides and Fertilizers

The best place to begin when assessing what to do with fertilizers and other chemicals is to check their use-by dates–you don’t want to accidentally feed an ineffective fertilizer to your plants! As with other garden materials, ask yourself which fertilizers or pesticides you intend to use, and throw out (or give to a friend!) any chemicals you don’t have a use for.

It’s important to note that, depending on where you live, there may be special rules or ordinances for disposing of these chemicals. Follow the directions on the packaging, and check locally if you are required to drop them off at a special site.

All the Little Things

Your garden probably changes from year to year, and some of your decorative accessories may no longer fit. Assess your signage, birdbath, wind chimes, bird houses and more to see which fit the style you’re going for, or which are in sore shape. 

While going through your garden workspace or storage space, you might find all sorts of things you’re unsure about keeping. Remember the simple question to always ask: will I use this? For example, you won’t need hedge trimmers if you haven’t had a hedge to trim in years! By methodically going through storage and asking this question of all your tools and accessories, you’ll be working on your garden soon without a hitch!