Make your graduation party fun and inviting for graduates, family and guests with these tips.

Graduation parties mark major milestones for our kids, and they’re times of celebration for families and friends. Make your party all about the graduate or group of friends who are graduating, but fun and special for parents and family too. It can be exhausting to get a kid through high school and college.

Start with cute and easy décor. You don’t have to have a theme, but it helps if you do. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money. We’re all about decorating food, or with food. Or decorating while we eat food…

  • Look at office supply stores for gold leaf seals for envelopes or certificates. They’re circular with small triangular edges all around. You can buy them by the sheet and print on them. Print “Congratulations!” or your graduate’s name and put it on all of the drink bottles or candy you’re serving and it becomes a personal little touch with a graduation theme.
  • Use chalkboard paint, like you’re looking back at the school year, for signs or décor.
  • Serve cupcakes and add fun flags to them. Buy cupcakes from a nearby bakery or make your own and top them with little good luck banners and medallions that you can buy and put on toothpicks.
  • Be sure to make your food or theme about the graduate or group of grads. Serve the graduate’s favorite food or cupcake flavor. Maybe you can have their favorite childhood beverage or shake.
  • Post some school or youth photos of the graduate or group of friends. Use clothespins and run the photos along your clothesline in the backyard. Or have family members bring a favorite photo that they add to a corkboard with fun stick pins a high school grad can take as a gift to college.
  • Try a neon-themed party, with neon colored sticky notes and artist tape and handcrafted items to give it more color. Neon colored glasses give it more of a summery, fun and youthful look.
  • Set up a printable photo station so all the kids and parents can come up and take photos with each other or with the graduate of honor. You can instantly print the pictures for guests. Maybe add a frame or cover with “2014 Congratulations.” Print or store a copy to save memories of the party for your graduate.
  • Here’s a fun idea for a decoration that’s also a take-home party favor for all graduates attending your party. Find some boxes that look like the kind chocolates come in. Inside the little paper inserts that would hold a truffle or other candy, you can put money or other memories of 2014. Cover the top of it with wrapping paper that says “Class of 2014.”
  • Get our your pumpkin carving tools and grab a watermelon. Slice the watermelon in half. Scoop out watermelon balls and set aside, then carve the numbers 2014 up around the top half. You’ve got an awesome summer graduation party fruit bowl.
  • Make a cupcake tower, using a set of three or four cake plates from a store like Pier 1 Imports. Stack the cupcakes so that the arrangement looks like a graduation hat. Put a smaller version of a graduation hat tassel at the top, and then put the cupcakes in circles around it.
  • Graduation tassels are great for decorating anything – the invitation, napkin rings, drink flags and drinking straws.
  • Make root beer floats and have a little flag in each one to match the flag of the graduate’s school.

Mostly, have fun and enjoy the celebration!


Looking for more ideas? Listen In:

This post is adapted from the May 31, 2014 episode of Home Wizards that was released on iTunes June 4, 2014. You can find this segment during hour two of the podcast.