Make your own valentines to send to that special person and customize it to your liking. Make it frilly, pretty, or bold so that you can tell that person exactly how you feel about them.



The old fashion handmade valentines were often made of colored construction paper decorated by gluing on items like paper doilies, candy hearts, rickrack, or ribbon and lace. You can still make an old valentine or you can use scrapbook and card supplies to make it a little more professional. Craft stores often sell different weights of paper including card stock that is heavier than construction paper. This card stock comes in many different colors. You can also glue pretty scrapbook paper over the card stock if you want. Glue on scrapbook stickers, buttons, and other little trinkets to give the card some interest. Write a sentiment inside and give it to your favorite person.



Scotch tape is no longer just plain clear. It comes with many designs on it specifically for use in scrapbooking. You might find tape in a plain color, or it might have a nice stripe on it. Others have beautiful designs of flowers, cartoon characters, holiday motifs and more. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut a heart from card stock. Lay it on a plastic mat or clean cutting board and cover it with the tape. Start out at the top with tapes that has stripes on it and go all the way across the heart even if it is in the cut out part. Right under that strip of tape place a strip of plain colored tape and then a strip that has pretty figures on it. Keep going until you get to the tip. Peel the heart off the cutting board and trim all around to make it heart shaped again. Write a sentiment on the plain side and give it to your significant other.



Remember making snowflakes by cutting out folded paper? This valentine is made much the same way. Cut two hearts from two different colors of paper. One of them can be on card stock if you prefer. One will the base heart and the other will make the filigree that goes over top. Take one of the hearts, not the one made of card stock, and fold it in half lengthwise. Begin cutting curlicues and other shapes from the fold out to the edges. Make sure there is a little bit of the folded part that is not cut in between each of your cuts. Unfold the heart and you will see a beautiful filigree pattern. Glue this on top of the full heart and write a sentiment on the plain back.



For this valentine, you will need some flat candy suckers that are individually wrapped. Cut out 2 hearts a little bit bigger than the head of the sucker and the cellophane covering. On one write a sentiment. Tape the other heart to the cellophane of the sucker so it hides the sucker. Place a piece of double sided tape on the exposed sucker cellophane, or use regular tape and cut off a piece forming it into a roll so it is sticky on both sides. Affix the sentiment heart to the sucker to line up with the other heart so that the sentiment is out.


Homemade valentine cards keep kids busy for a few hours and they are great fun to make. Make your own Valentines for family, friends, your significant other, or for the kids at school. They are sure to appreciate the time you took to make your valentines special.