Create a home inspiration board and take on the interior one project at a time.

A home inspiration board is a sort of wish list for things you want to do in the house.  You might plan to renovate the living room and your home inspiration board would contain things you see that you want to use in your living room.  You may have a photo of a sofa you wish to purchase or you might have a paint chip with the color you are planning to paint the room.  These would be on the board along with other things like draperies, carpet, chairs, and other items. This board helps you to choose all the variables in the room or home to make it perfect. 

Finding Ideas Online

The internet is full of interior design ideas and things to purchase to make a home have a great atmosphere. Find anything by just doing a simple search on Google. Suppose you want to create a bathroom vanity from an antique buffet.  Just search for “antique buffet into bathroom vanity”, and check images. More than 20 pages of photos and ideas will pop up and you will find whatever you want. Print the picture and pin it on your inspiration board or copy and paste it. Maybe you have no real idea what you want to do with a room, but you want something contemporary in black and white. Type “contemporary black and white room design” into the search bar and hundreds of ideas will come up on your computer screen. Look for designer blogs for really great ideas on how to create the perfect room. Go to Pinterest and search for decorating ideas. Pinterest is an inspiration board in itself and you will find some very good ideas there. 

Other Sources of Inspiration

Don’t limit yourself to online sources. Most cell phones have a camera installed in them so if you see something you really want to incorporate into your home, take a picture and save it to put on the board.  You can find ideas in department and furniture stores, at antique and garage sales, and at your friend’s home. If you go to a restaurant and see carpeting you just love, take a picture and put it on your board.  Another place to find good ideas for your inspiration board is in magazines.  Just cut them out and put them on the board. 

Include Texture

If you are making a physical inspiration board, as opposed to a digital one, collect textured items to display.  Many furniture stores have small samples of the fabric for the furniture they sell.  These are called swatches and you can get them for draperies, carpeting and flooring. Collect small samples of blinds, countertops, wall paper, wood and paint. Put all of these things on your inspiration board.  

Types of Inspiration Boards

A large cork board makes a great physical inspiration board.  Use push pins to attach photos, swatches and samples to the board.  You can divide the board into areas using colored tape or ribbon and you can print captions to explain the things on the board. Hang the inspiration board on a wall where you can see it to gain more inspiration.

Digital boards may not be able to display physical samples, but they take up no room and don’t require tacks. Place photos on the board by copying and pasting on the computer and include captions. Many inspiration board programs are available online and a few are free. Others might cost a little bit per month. Most of these sites are easy to use and provide you with all the tools you need to make a magnificent home inspiration board.  Pintrest can be used as an inspiration board and is probably the simplest way to do one. If you would like to do a board that has all the bells and whistles, try Musepeak, which allows you to collaborate ideas with others. You can also keep your board private if you like. This site has a “try it for free” function so you can see if you like it before you pay for it. Another paid board is Olioboard where you can design 2 and 3D rooms.  The Inspiration Board is another program with interesting tools and ideas from other people and their boards. 

A home inspiration board will allow you to create a beautiful ambiance for your home. It helps you to see the entire picture and get organized.  Choose from all your samples, swatches and photos to create a pleasant atmosphere in your house. 

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