ground covers for pathways
Ground Covers For Pathways
Have you noticed how certain front and back entrances and pathways take on a lush look not only by their surroundings, but the plantings in between the nooks and crannies of the hard surface itself?

It’s an art form and a trick used by landscape designers all of the time. And the secret to that “look” is to choose the right color, shape and fragrance of a ground cover that is not only something you love but really accentuates the texture and type of pathway, or even pond or whatever space, you want to fill in with ground greenery. Make sure you pick the right kind of ground cover for the hours of sunlight you’ll be getting too, since some are better suited for all shade or mostly shade and others mostly sun. And remember that “full sun” on the label means 6 hours of sun.

Less Common Pathway Plants for Sun:
For something a bit different, try Rupturewort, a flat, dark green, drought-tolerant ground cover. It has tiny white blooms in summer. Emerald carpet is a tight, flat plant with bright green foliage and tiny yellow flowers. Spanish sandwort is dark green, dense, grows 1 inch tall and blooms with white flowers in June.

Less Common Pathway Plants for Shade:
Brass Buttons looks like a mass of miniature ferns and blooms with tiny yellow ball-shaped flowers. It has green and bronze leaves. Platt’s Black leptinella has darker leaves, and Leptinella minor has tiny leaves less than 1/8 inch long. Black mondo grass has a green variety, Nana, that grows only 1 inch tall and more thickly, resembling water ripples when paired with flagstones.