Bring instant autumn to your front door, patio or balcony with striking fall containers.

As leaves turn and drop in your landscape, it’s fun to add some color and texture. Containers can produce big and targeted results. And if you live in a condo or apartment, containers add fall color by front doors or on decks and balconies.

Fall-colored pots

Start with a few fall-colored pots. Discount stores have good prices, and nurseries or big-box stores might have fall sales. Or, buy terra cotta pots and paint them for a less-expensive option. Then fill your fall containers with color and texture. We’ve listed some great ideas to get you started.

How about a nice wine punch?

Fill two or three olive-green glazed pots with plants of various heights and textures and “wine punch” colors. Start with a strappy-leafed and striped plant called “Phormium Sundowner” for height in the center. Add Echeveria Pulverulenta, a shorter, icy blue succulent. Then place Heucherella SweetTea into the mix for orange, cinnamon-like maple-shaped leaves.

Black and purple

Olive-green pots, or any really, look great with a group of deep bronze, plum and burgundy grasses. Think black with these deep, dark colors. The phormium is a great choice, or the “Festival Burgundy” cordyline, a perennial that works well in containers. Add the Huechera “Sugar Plum” for silvery and burgundy-veined leaves. Royal Purple has deep plum leaves, for three different heights and textures.

Pot some grass

Grasses are great for fall containers. Blue fescue  is great paired with a strawflower and purple fountain grass.  Throw in a pop of yellow chrysanthemum for a pretty fall container.

Smells good and looks bright

Try a mix of rosemary for fragrance, height and green foliage, along with zinnia for orange pop and pansy for yellow or burgundy color.

Live and let dry

Don’t be afraid to mix live plants with dried ones. Try dried hydrangea with some sedum dangling over the edge. Use dried twigs with pops of color.

Veggies in a bucket

Lots of fall landscapes rely on foliage, so why not in your container? Plant flowering kale, swiss chard and coral bells in a tin pail for a veggie garden in a bucket.

Or go formal

If you like a more formal flair, paint an urn bronze and place purple fountain grass and coleus and maybe a black-eyed Susan inside. Add a pumpkin for some color and texture.