Top 5 Container Garden ideas for adding color this fall

Here are some ideas for fall container gardening to bring a seasonal splash of color to the front of your house, by choosing eye-popping blooms with rustic grasses and foliage.

  1. Pansies

    – The easiest way to add long-lasting color to a fall container garden.

  2. Chrysanthemums

    – I just love chrysanthemums, with so many different vibrant colors these guys are great to slip them between the coleus from your summer pots for a big show of color.

  3. Marigolds

    – Sunny and bright these can live in the ground or look great in pots too

  4. Succulents

    – Hardy and strong, these plants are excellent for growing in pots. Native to arid regions, succulents store water in their fleshy leaves, stems, and roots, enabling them to resist drought. Why not try ‘Red Stem’ portulacaria with echeveria and ‘Amazon Mist’ sage.

  5. Boxwoods

    – Boxwoods in a row, will lead guests to your door. Perfect for pots, boxwoods look good all year long and require almost no maintenance.

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