A simple starting guide for beginners

We’ve all heard of feng shui, but many of us aren’t aware of how it works. Feng shui is an ancient rule system for organizing space and maximizing good energy, or chi, while pushing the bad energy away. This system can be fairly complex, but beginners can jump into a more harmonious life with a few simple starting tips. Whether you believe in chi and the principles of feng shui or not, feng shui can be a fun way to get inspiration for organizing the home and decor.

Imagining the Home as a Unit

Think big picture: when it comes to feng shui, the entire living space must be viewed as one whole being. You should start with a commonly neglected area when harmonizing the home; think of the garage or laundry room before your bedroom or living room.

Refreshing Aromas

If you’re feeling negative energy that you want to get rid of, have a ritual for clearing it away. Burning sage is an excellent way to push the bad energy out, while lavender soothes and calms. Candles are a very simple way to freshen up. 

Maximizing Flow

Because your main doors are the entrance and exit points for Chi, it’s important to break up the alignment between them so energy can be redirected and flow through the house. This is easy! You can place a round table directly in front of your main door, or put a visually stunning plant there instead. Having one door heavier than your other door will also slow down energy movement.


Clutter is the antithesis of a harmonized home. It doesn’t allow the flow of energy, and it will drive you crazy!

Get the Cure

There are all sorts of different objects and knickknacks that you can use for harmonizing the home and feeling better with feng shui.

Crystals generate good energy in the home. For good love energy, place rose quartz in the southwest of the home. Hematite in the west helps children keep focus in school and creative projects, and obsidian near the entryway will help protect the home.

Fountains make for great feng shui cures. As you watch or listen to the flow of water, you can rest assured that good energy permeates the home. Place a fountain to the east for good health, or the north for your career path.

Mirrors can have a dramatic change on the flow of energy in the home. They have the effect of making spaces appear larger, and one framed in gold leaf can help bring abundance. 

Bamboo can combine the five elements (wood, earth, water, fire and metal) and can be used as cure for all sorts of purposes. Bamboo is already bound to earth and water thanks to the stones and water it grows in; tie a red ribbon around the pot for fire, or place a coin inside the pot for metal.

The number of bamboo stalks will correspond to the purpose for your cure: 2 for love, 3 for general happiness, 5 for health, 8 for wealth and 9 for good luck. 

Turn Up the Light

Point light upwards to brighten up a space overall. Upward light does more to light up the room than downward-facing, and you’ll be enhancing the positive energy you’re invited into the home!