It’s always fun to pull for your favorite team at a football viewing or Superbowl party.

Ratchet up the fun with great food or a few activities before or during the game:

  • For the playoffs, bowl games or Superbowl, or maybe just to ramp up a rivalry among friends, plan a food competition. Serve regional food based on the teams’ locations or have fans of each team bring their favorite regional selections and pit them against one another.
  • Schedule a quick pick-up football game before the televised game starts or a passing competition during halftime. All you really need is a few footballs and a tire mounted on a pole or similar target.
  • Set up a game about the game. Ask each guest to fill out a small sheet guessing answers to questions such as which team will score the first touchdown, how many field goals each team will make, and the final score. Offer answers to circle or select for guests who have less knowledge of the game and have prizes for the winners, of course.
  • Football trivia games also are fun for hard-core fans. You can ask a question per quarter or every few commercials. Keep score and offer football-related prizes.
  • If you want to look like true fans, award prizes for the best jersey or the guest “most likely to be seen on television” by way of a vote. Of course, if you do this, be sure to take some group photos for Facebook and consider covering any white furniture to protect it from orange or blue paint…!