Start your Fourth of July off with a bang by preparing these cute & simple brunch dishes for your loved ones.

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Watermelon Basket


Nothing is cooler or more refreshing than a bite of watermelon on a summery day! But if the presentation is cute, it makes this summertime treat even more special. Here’s how you can use the leftovers to make a cute basket:

-When you cut your watermelon, cut it in half, then carefully carve out the insides to preserve the shape of the rind as you go. Then, when you turn it over, the now hollowed-out rind turns into the perfect base for the basket.

-Next, cut a more traditional 1″ wide wedge right at the middle of the untouched half of the watermelon.

-Carve the rind away from your wedge, turn it over, and you’ll find you have the perfect U-shaped handle for the top of the watermelon basket.

-Use toothpicks to hold the handle in place.

-Fill the basket with bite-sized wedges, perfect for any party nibble!


The Fruits Bursting In Air
Pick a gorgeous colored large gala apple, cut into thin slices, and arrange in a circle on a decorative plate. Fill the center with more watermelon (see your lovely basket above), sprinkle a little salt to bring out the watermelon’s sweetness, a little lemon to keep the apple slices looking fresh, and a little mint on top to add a pop of something special!


Bright And Happy Summertime Omelettes
 A sure crowd pleaser for a brunch is an omelette – what’s not to love about eggs! Here are a few tips to make make yours both colorful & sharable for this happy occasion:

-Why not cut the omelettes into sharable halves? This way, you as a host or hostess don’t have to prepare as many, plus everyone can sample a couple different types if they’d like.

-Keep guests happy whatever the preferences! A safe bet for an omelette stack at a party brunch is to serve a few different types, especially when these are served family style. For instance, add spinach and tomatoes to your delicious omelettes for those with meat preferences.

Presentation makes it fun! Fresh slices of tomato on top will jazz them up and add a pop of color. A sprinkle of sage, basil, or rosemary can also add a hint of flavor & a flash of fun!

Life, Liberty, and The Freedom To Toast
Ok, ok, French Toast? Maybe not quite as American as Apple Pie, but much like Lady Liberty, French toast is something that has been warmly welcomed to the American melting pot. Find fun breads – maybe that multi-grain you’ve been dying to try from the little bakery down the way! – or sprinkle in slivered almonds as you prepare them to give the dish a little something special for the holiday. You can even dust them with some powdered sugar & serve with blueberries and strawberries on top for a true red, white, and blue delight. Or, if you want to get uber fancy, take a star cookie cutter from a craft store and cut the dipped bread into adorable stars prior to frying the toast for a cute little Independence Day pizazz.

Red, White, And Blue Giftbag Goodies: Dipped Fortune Cookies

Remind guests that our great land is a melting pot – and some of us fill it with chocolate. 🙂 Just dip a fortune cookie in melted white chocolate, then add red or blue sprinkles to salute our flag. You can buy the cookies by the box in the cookie aisle at the grocery store, and we guarantee these little cuties will put a smile on every guest’s face.

Happy Fourth To us all!