Turn your tired fireplace into a warm and cozy focal point.

It’s time to cozy up to the fireplace with a new look and feel! Your fireplace can be the focal point of a living or great room and you’ll relax more while warming your toes if you love how the fireplace looks. We’ve got some ideas for updating the space:

  • If you’re got a gas fireplace, line the base of the box with pretty recycled glass. The flames bounce off the glass and add some color and spark to the room.
  • Update the fireplace façade so it no longer looks like an 80s eyesore. Eric cautions homeowners to know a little about the architectural period of the home when choosing new fireplace looks.
  • Stacked faux limestone is a favorite for a reason. Because it’s got sort of a linear and structured look but is more organic than formal, it’s a versatile choice.
  • Slate also has an organic but clean look, especially for more contemporary homes.
  • Ceramic tile around the fireplace and mantle can improve and update your fireplace, and the tile should hold up fine. Handmade accent tiles can add interest.
  • Surrounding the fireplace with stone tiles also can add a rough, lodge look. But you might need a skilled mason to pull it off.
  • Some people like the old-fashioned feel of natural river rocks and a hewn-wood mantle. Again, that might look odd in a modern split-level, but great in a winter cabin. Or you might be able to match the look of a particular room.
  • Pillars and the right paint can transform a fireplace to an old-school craftsman look. But aim for an authentic look and feel with the materials.

For low budgets, try a good servicing and cleaning and a new paint job. Stone fireplaces might need cleaning from a professional who can sandblast them. You can just update the mantle too, which might be the biggest 80s holdover. Bulky wooden mantles can look sleeker with some sanding and new paint or stain and décor. Try an all-white or all-black mantle and a pop of color on the wall above the fireplace. Or remove the old doors, which only are good for keeping heat in when you’re not using the fireplace. Otherwise, all you need is a screen in front of the firebox. The best part is that you can do just about anything to the outside of your fireplace; the box for wood or gas burning is intact. So don’t feel limited.