Creative ways to embrace the season sans flames.

Probably one of the most exciting things about the colder months is enjoying a nice, warm fire in the fireplace. Unfortunately, many homes don’t have a functional fireplace–and homes that do may be limited to use by local smoke regulations. If you’re unable to have a true fire, rest assured that you can emulate the fun and atmosphere of a nightly fire. Check out some of these ideas for bringing the romanticism of a fire into your home this season!

Fireplace DVD

Here’s the classic alternative: the fireplace DVD. Put it in a laptop and warm your hands against the keyboard while enjoying its glow! If you don’t want to shell out the cash for a DVD, just watch this fire burning on YouTube.

Washi Tape Fireplace 

If your home has no mantle, make your own with washi tape! This is a fun seasonal decoration that’s easy to remove when you’re finished with it. Build your dream fireplace!

Tabletop Fireplaces

These small, portable fireplaces let you enjoy the warmth and light of a fire without any hassle: just place one on your coffee table and you’re good to go! They typically run for around $100-200. 

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights have a magical charm unlike any other–and have the same seasonal romanticism that a fire might. Hang a web of Christmas lights over a canopy for a beautifully-lit nook, or wrap the lights around a small pile of wood for a faux-fire!

Cast Shadow

One of the fun effects of a warm fire is the shadow flickering flames cast on a wall. Emulate this with some shadow-casting lights. You can find nightlights on the market designed to cast shadow, but we love this DIY shadow light idea.

Dress Up a Decorative Fireplace

It won’t give off heat nor light, but you can decorate a non-working fireplace to make it seem a little more authentic: fill it up completely with logs! Cut logs so their length matches how deep your fireplace goes, then stack them up until the whole space is filled. The sheer volume of wood will wow guests–and it will have a nice, homey feel. Pair this idea with light sources mentioned in this article for the full effect!

Rustic Candelabras

Go with a rustic candelabra with the lights off for a fireplace-inspired atmosphere. There are so many beautiful candelabras that incorporate rustic wooden motifs; check out TheCreativeQ on Etsy for birch tree candles and centerpieces that will remind you of cozy, burning firewood!